TWMX Race Report: ’04 Dallas SX

Despite the rumors and realities of riders changing teams, the speed of Kevin Windham and Stephane Roncada in practice, or any other factor, Chad Reed and Ivan Tedesco still both found ways to win their respective main events at the Dallas Supercross.

In winning, Tedesco earned his first-ever championship — the 2004 125cc Western Regional Supercross Championship. It’s hard to believe, but it’s also Pro Circuit’s first SX championship since 2000.

125cc Heat Races

Pro Circuit/Kawasaki/Chevy Trucks’ Stephane Roncada grabbed the heat-one holeshot and turned it into a win over the fastest Western racer in the East, Boost Mobile/Yamaha/Troy Racing’s Josh Hansen, and Samsung/Radio Shack’s Michael Blose, while Red Bull KTM’s Jay Marmont and Star Racing’s Kevin Johnson.


Roncada’s teammate Ivan Tedesco imitated Ron-Ron’s performance in the second heat, grabbing the holeshot and leading every lap, finishing with a race time two seconds slower of Roncada’s first-heat winning time. Honda’s Nathan Ramsey and Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s newest recruit Greg Schnell rounded out the top three. Brock Sellards, Rodrig Thain and Joshua Summey all transferred directly to the main.

250cc Heat Races

With yet another holeshot-to-checkered performance, Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s Kevin Windham threw down a 7-minute, 50-second race time in his win over an impressive Heath Voss, who rode his Mach 1 Yamaha YZ450F past Suzuki’s Nick Wey and Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s Mike LaRocco to finish second. LaRocco and Wey both qualified in second and third.


In heat two, Yamaha’s Chad Reed kept the holeshot-to-checkered streak going with yet another such victory over countryman Michael Byrne of Chevy Trucks Kawasaki, Reed’s teammate David Vuillemin and Mach 1 Yamaha’s Ezra Lusk. Reed’s win was about five seconds faster than Windham’s.


Other Notables…

Kyle Lewis broke the holeshot-to-checkered monotony in the first semi by grabbing the holeshot and finishing fifth to make his first main event of the year. Tyler Evans won the race. Also making his first main out of the first semi was Munn Racing KTM’s Jacob Martin and cousins Isaiah and Keith R. Johnson.

Sean Hamblin came from behind to snag the win in the second semi over Craig Anderson, holeshot artist Damon Huffman, who had a badly injured clutch hand, Ryan Clark and Clark Stiles.

Jason Thomas led his Subway Honda teammate Joe Oehlhof into the 250cc main by winning the 250cc LCQ. Star Racing’s Erick Vallejo got a bad start, then got into a give-then-take tussle with Brian Mason, which Vallejo lost when Mason put him on the ground. The battle was for third, and the $750 Racer X Gas Card, and Wilson came out on top.

125cc Main

Ramsey grabbed the Butterfinger Holeshot Award to start the 15-lap 125cc main with Pro Circuit teammates Tedesco and Roncada and newcomer Marmont right on his tail. Tedesco made his way around Ramsey on the inside before the first triple, and the two traded the lead a few times before Tedesco grabbed the lead and held onto it.

Before long, Roncada began to pressure Ramsey for second, but a fall in the whoops cost Roncada the spot, and he had a lot of trouble getting his bike going. Team officials said he just “got too excited trying to restart the machine. Schnell came from ninth place on the first lap to snag fourth from Marmont before inheriting third from Roncada when he fell.

Tedesco won with over four seconds to spare over Ramsey, Schnell, Marmont and Blose.



125cc Main Event Results

  1. Ivan Tedesco
  2. Nathan Ramsey
  3. Greg Schnell
  4. Jay Marmont
  5. Michael Blose
  6. Brock Sellards
  7. Josh Hansen
  8. Rodrig Thain
  9. Justin Brayton
  10. Darcy Lange
  11. Kevin Johnson
  12. Chris Whitcraft
  13. Jesse Casilllas
  14. Levi Reid
  15. Evan Laughridge
  16. Kyle Mace
  17. Jonathan Shimp
  18. Stephane Roncada
  19. Josh Summey
  20. Dylan Lord
  21. Troy Adams
  22. Matthieu Lalloz

250cc Main Event

Year-2000 Dallas main-event winner Windham grabbed yet another holeshot to start the 250cc main, but he had Reed right on his tail. Reed and Windham were the only two to consistently triple a section out of a corner, and they quickly gapped the rest of the field. Reed raced by Windham in the whoops on the third lap for the lead, and the race was essentially over.


Both of them put down lap times during the main event much faster than any previously achieved throughout the weekend, and it showed as they actually ended up lapping up to Voss in fifth place, and Windham led LaRocco home by almost 40 seconds in the 20-lap main event. Vuillemin passed LaRocco for third early, only for LaRocco’s famous late-race charge to take its toll on the Yamaha rider. Vuillemin hung on for fourth.


Voss’ teammate Lusk finished an uneventful race in sixth just in front of Suzuki’s Wey and Hamblin, who had fallen on the first lap and rode from basically last to eighth.

Reed now enjoys a comfortable 40-point lead over Windham with only two rounds remaining in the THQ/AMA Supercross Series, while Voss “won the World Supercross race within a race and now leads Huffman by nine in the THQ World Supercross GP points standings after the two came into the race tied for the lead.


250cc Main Event Results

  1. Chad Reed
  2. Kevin Windham
  3. Mike LaRocco
  4. David Vuillemin
  5. Heath Voss
  6. Ezra Lusk
  7. Nick Wey
  8. Sean Hamblin
  9. Isaiah Johnson
  10. Tyler Evans
  11. Keith R. Johnson
  12. Michael Byrne
  13. Damon Huffman
  14. Jason Thomas
  15. Craig Anderson
  16. Kyle Lewis
  17. Clark Stiles
  18. Joe Oehlhof
  19. Jacob Martin
  20. Ryan Clark