TWMX Race Report: ’04 Indy SX

RCA Dome¿Indianapolis, Indiana

The biggest news at the 12th stop of the AMA THQ Supercross Series was the absence of James Stewart. Bubba went down hard, not once, but twice, in Saturday’s first practice session, and the second crash leaving him dazed and confused with a concussion. Bubba made it out for the second practice of the day, but apparently wasn’t feeling quite right and opted to consult with the onsite physicians at the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.


Having already wrapped up the 125cc East Coast title last weekend in St. Louis, James took the advice of Dr. John Bodnar and decided to take care of his health first by sitting this one out. During the opening ceremonies James stated, “I hit my head pretty hard today in practice. It’s really hard for me to sit out. I can’t believe it right now, but I’ve got to look at my health above all else.” Despite a very disappointed reaction from the Indianapolis crowd when the news of Bubba was announced, the show went on, and here’s how things shook down¿

125cc Heat One

Kelly Smith grabbed the holeshot on his Yamaha of Troy YZ250F, with Suzuki’s Broc Hepler in second. Hepler slid out in a corner on lap two while trying to put a pass on Smith for the lead. He remounted quickly, however, and charged back to finish a solid third behind’s Steve Boniface. Smith took home his first heat race win of the series.

125cc Heat Two

Yamaha of Troy’s Danny Smith jumped out to the early lead in heat two with teammate Josh Hansen, Suzuki’s Davi Millsaps, and Kawasaki’s Paul Carpenter in rapid succession. While battling for the lead, Millsaps went down extremely hard and cartwheeled his way through the same whoop section that claimed Bubba earlier in the day. Danny went on to take the win, with Carpenter putting a pass on Hansen in the last corner to finish second.

250cc Heat One

Andrew Short beat Mike LaRocco to the first corner aboard his RM250, leaving a host of factory boys chasing close behind. Kevin Windham got a terrible jump out of the gate and was forced to play catch up, ultimately working his way up to fifth place and into the semi. Short continued putting distance between him and factory riders Nick Wey, Mike LaRocco, and Grant Langston, capturing his first-ever 250cc heat race win.


250cc Heat Two

Heat number two saw Kawasaki’s Michael Byrne jump to a quick five-second lead over the rest of field. Chad Reed suffered a bad start but charged through the pack in more than convincing fashion, getting by Byrne on lap four and never looking back. By the time it was all said and done Reed had pulled a seven-second lead on second place Byrne, making this Supercross thing look really easy. In third place came David Vuillemin, while Nathan Ramsey and Sean Hamblin duked it out for the final transfer spot with Ramsey getting the upper hand.

125cc Main Event

With Bubba out of the program, the 125cc East Coast field had to be breathing new life as the starting gate dropped for the main event. For the first time this series somebody other than Bubba actually had a shot at winning. Exiting the first turn in the lead was YoT’s Josh Hansen with Paul Carpenter in second, and Steve Lamson close behind in third. Little Hany and Carpenter pulled an early lead, and by lap eight had a full ten seconds on third place Danny Smith. Suzuki’s Broc Hepler got out to a very poor start and spent the evening scrapping for positions, ultimately finishing in sixth. Carpenter stayed within a second of Hansen through the ninth lap, but a bobble gave Hany a little breathing room. Carpenter appeared to be reeling Hansen back in, but it was a little too late and Hansen took his first ever Supercross victory. Carpenter finished in a solid second place just three seconds behind with Danny Smith in a distant third. <


125cc Main Event Results

  1. Josh Hansen
  2. Paul Carpenter
  3. Danny Smith
  4. Brett Metcalfe
  5. Steve Boniface
  6. Broc Hepler
  7. Steve Lamson
  8. Michael Blose
  9. Kelly Smith
  10. Kevin Johnson
  11. Jeff Gibson
  12. Ryan Mills
  13. Doug DeHaan
  14. Adam Mennenga
  15. Justin Brayton
  16. Matthieu Lalloz
  17. Davide Esposti
  18. William Browning
  19. Davi Millsaps
  20. Turbo Reif
  21. Bradley Ripple
  22. Tiger Lacey

250cc Main Event

Coming into the main event, Chad Reed had once again posted the fastest lap times and the fastest heat race of the night. With all signs pointing to number 22, nobody in the building was prepared for what they were about to witness. When the gate dropped it was none other than hometown hero Mike LaRocco snatching the holeshot, with heavy favorite Reed going down in the first turn. How much of a shock was the holeshot laid down by The Rock? In the post-race press conference Mike jokingly stated, “I think that was only my third holeshot in my 17-year career.” Reed picked himself up in last place and began one hell of an impressive charge through the field. On only the second lap, LaRocco and second place David Vuillemin began distancing themselves from the rest of the group. Behind them was a freight train of riders making up the top ten in tight order, but things began to spread out a bit near the midway point in the race.


LaRocco started to lose Villy, and Reed had already worked his way up to the fourth spot. Kevin Windham, after having to qualify out of a semi, moved slowly through traffic early on in the race, but had worked his way past Villy and into the second spot on lap 15. On the very next lap, Reed also got by Vuillemin and began closing the gap on K-Dub. Meanwhile, the Indianapolis crowd was going nuts, as it appeared that LaRocco had the race in the bag. The Rock got a standing ovation as he made his way around on the final lap. Reed’s charge from last put him within striking distance of K-Dub with a few turns to go, but he ran out of track and had to settle for third. LaRocco’s wire-to-wire victory was his first Supercross win since Anaheim Three in 2002. Mike received a second standing ovation from the crowd as he stopped to pick up his son Ryder for a victory lap around the perimeter of the track.


250cc Main Event Results

  1. Mike LaRocco
  2. Kevin Windham
  3. Chad Reed
  4. Nathan Ramsey
  5. David Vuillemin
  6. Andrew Short
  7. Heath Voss
  8. Grant Langston
  9. Sean Hamblin
  10. Tyler Evans
  11. Nick Wey
  12. Ryan Clark
  13. Michael Byrne
  14. Joe Oehlhof
  15. Isaiah Johnson
  16. Ted Campbell
  17. Craig Anderson
  18. Jason Thomas
  19. Tommy Hofmaster
  20. Damon Huffman