TWMX Race Report: ’04 Minneapolis SX

The AMA Supercross Series reached the halfway point last Saturday night when the series moved to the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN. While it was cold outside (as you’d expect in Minneapolis), the action inside was as hot as usual.

Things started off with a bang in heat one of the 125s. After taking a strong second place last weekend, rookie Broc Hepler wasn’t going to sneak up on anyone this weekend. After leading much of the first heat, Danny Smith knifed under him in a 180° turn. The contact was minimal, and only caused Broc to bobble, but it was enough for Danny and his YOT teammate, Josh Hansen, to get by.


To no one’s surprise, Bubba ran away with heat two. Steve Lamson continued to look great on his Honda CRF250, and took the runner-up spot behind James.


In the same heat, Team Suzuki’s Davi Millsaps took third in his pro debut.


Kevin Windham showed off the strength of his Honda 450 in heat one of the 250s, taking an easy win over a trio of Suzukis, including Nick Wey, Sean Hamblin, and Andrew Short.


250cc heat two had a little drama, with Grant Langston jumping out to an early lead, with Chad Reed in tow. Unfortunately, Chad made a rare mistake, dropping the front end into a whoop at the end of one of the whoop sections. It threw him off balance, and as he tried to recover, he swerved into the rear of Langston’s bike, knocking them both to the ground. Mike LaRocco took over the lead as both Chad and Grant remounted. LaRocco took the win, while a visor-less Reed put on a furious charge and climbed back to second after passing several riders, including Heath Voss and Michael Byrne, who claimed the third and fourth spots.

125cc Main Event

Josh Hansen got a great start and looked like he had the holeshot covered, but Kelly Smith snuck around the inside of turn one and grabbed the Butterfinger Holeshot check. But Hansen moved back to the front. Bubba didn’t get the greatest start, but put on his usual charge through the pack, and assumed the lead by lap two.


This may come as a shock, but Bubba won…again. His 13th SX win tied him for the lead of the all-time 125 SX list with Jeremy McGrath. Hansen finished in second, with his first-ever SX podium, and Kelly Smith finished in third.


Two races into the 125cc East series, Bubba has a 15-point advantage over Broc Hepler, who’s only one point ahead of Steve Lamson.

125cc Main Event Results

  1. James Stewart
  2. Joshua Hansen
  3. Kelly Smith
  4. Steve Boniface
  5. Steve Lamson
  6. Ryan Mills
  7. Michael Blose
  8. Broc Hepler
  9. Ryan Clark
  10. Tiger Lacey
  11. Eric Sorby
  12. Paul Carpenter
  13. Jeff Gibson
  14. David Millsaps
  15. Kevin Johnson
  16. Brett Metcalfe
  17. Hans Neel
  18. Bradley Ripple
  19. Danny Smith
  20. Tyson Hadsell
  21. Turbo Reif
  22. Daniel Blair

250cc Main Event

Michael Byrne had the fast trigger finger and scooped up the Butterfinger Holeshot money at the start of the 250cc main, but Andrew Short took a brief turn at the front before being passed by Kevin Windham. K-Dub ran away and hid up front, and all the action was behind him.


Chad Reed moved into second spot on lap four, but wasn’t making any time on Windham, and was hampered by vision-related problems. David Vuillemin settled into third spot on lap seven, and that locked up the podium.


After suffering a crash in his heat race and having to transfer through the semis, Travis Preston put in a great ride on his Honda 450, and nailed down fourth spot.


While Windham gained points in the championship chase, Chad still has a 23-point advantage…almost a full race worth.

2250cc Main Event Results

  1. Kevin Windham
  2. Chad Reed
  3. David Vuillemin
  4. Travis Preston
  5. Damon Huffman
  6. Mike LaRocco
  7. Andrew Short
  8. Erick Vallejo
  9. Michael Byrne
  10. Nathan Ramsey
  11. Heath Voss
  12. Ryan Clark
  13. Tyler Evans
  14. Grant Langston
  15. Sean Hamblin
  16. Joseph Oehlhof
  17. Keith Johnson
  18. Jason Thomas
  19. James Povolny
  20. Nick Wey