TWMX Race Report: ’04 Pontiac SX

The big news from Pontiac was…well, the big news actually went down Friday, when Team Suzuki signed Ricky Carmichael to join them for the ’05 season. Of course, the pits were abuzz with that topic, as well as plenty of speculation as to where Chad Reed and Bubba Stewart would land in ’05.

As far as racing on Saturday night, Pontiac was the last round of the 125 East series. Of course Bubba had already locked up that title a couple races ago in St. Louis, but there were still the remaining spots to nail down between Danny Smith, Broc Hepler and Paul Carpenter.

125cc Heat Races

Boost Mobile/Troy Racing/Yamaha’s Danny Smith grabbed the first heat race of the night, edging out the Samsung Yamaha duo of Michael Blose and Matthieu Lalloz. MotoSport Outlet’s Doug DeHaan (who later wore the Wonder Warthog Racing cape before the 125 main) finished fifth.


The Team Suzuki duo of Broc Hepler and Davi Millsaps both came from deep in the pack to qualify straight to the main.

In heat two, James Stewart put on a furious charge from deep in the pack to win, and put a whipped pass over a triple on his Team Chevy Trucks teammate, Paul Carpenter. Bubba later said that as he laid the bike over while going up the face of the triple, he scraped his footpeg.


250cc Heat Races

MotoSport Outlet’s Craig Anderson led the way early in 250cc Heat 1, but was passed by Amsoil/Chaparral/Honda’s Kevin Windham and Mike LaRocco who went on to finish in the top two spots.


Nick Wey gave his Michigan home state fans something to cheer about, as he finished third on his Team Suzuki RM250. Heath Voss (Mach 1 Yamaha) finished fourth.

Team Moto XXX fast guy and World Supercross GP point leader, Damon Huffman, grabbed the holeshot in the second heat race, but Team Yamaha’s Chad Reed came charging from mid-pack and quickly grabbed the lead.


Chad’s Yamaha teammate, David Vuillemin, scored second, followed by Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki’s Michael Byrne. Ezra Lusk, who was returning to action from a broken hand suffered at San Francisco, grabbed the fourth and final transfer spot.

Other Notables…

Tyler Evans won the first 250cc Semi, after passing several riders, including Craig Anderson. Sean Hamblin squeaked in a transfer after going down in the first turn with Jimmy Wilson and Erick Vallejo. Unfortunately, Vallejo suffered some nasty burns on the back of one of his knees from a spinning rear tire and was unable to continue.

Damon Huffman was getting great starts all night long, and took the other semi win, ahead of Team Honda’s Nate Ramsey. Unfortunately, Andrew Short got a case of whiskey throttle exiting the whoops, and launched off the bowl berm that followed it. He reportedly has a broken and dislocated wrist.

Willis, Michigan’s Jimmy Wilson took the 250 LCQ, much to the delight of the local fans.

125cc Main Event

Bubba grabbed the Butterfinger Holeshot, and rapidly disappeared. Behind him in the early going were Red Bull KTM’s Brett Metcalfe, and a trio of Boost Mobile/Troy Racing/Yamaha riders, Danny Smith, Kelly Smith, and West Coast invader, Josh Hansen. Josh made his way by Kelly, Metcalfe, and on lap nine, Danny Smith. Unfortunately for Danny, Davi Millsaps also got by him (grabbing the third and final podium spot), and that left Danny trailing Broc Hepler by one point in the final points standings for the East.


125cc Main Event Results

  1. James Stewart
  2. Joshua Hansen
  3. David Millsaps
  4. Danny Smith
  5. Steve Boniface
  6. Brett Metcalfe
  7. Broc Hepler
  8. Paul Carpenter
  9. Kelly Smith
  10. Ryan Mills
  11. Jeff Gibson
  12. Matthieu Lalloz
  13. Ryan Morais
  14. Steve Lamson
  15. Tiger Lacey
  16. Johnny Aubert
  17. Michael Blose
  18. Dougg DeHaan
  19. Justin Brayton
  20. Brad Ripple
  21. Tyson Hadsell
  22. Randy Valade

250cc Main Event

Damon Huffman grabbed yet another holeshot on his Honda CR450F, and led the pack into the first turn. For the second week in a row, Mike LaRocco also got a good start, and was running in second behind Huffy. Craig Anderson and Ezra Lusk were the early beneficiaries of great starts.

Chad Reed had started outside the top five, but quickly worked his way into third place on lap two, and the lead by lap three. That left all the racing behind him.


David Vuillemin came from 14th place early on, and moved up to third behind Mike LaRocco late in the main. DV got all the way to Mike’s back tire and was challenging him, but a tangle with a lapped rider let Mike get away.


Meanwhile, a race within a race was brewing, as World SX GP points leader Damon Huffman held an advantage over his closest challenger, Heath Voss. Heath was hampered by a bad start, but charged throughout the main and caught and passed Damon on the last lap.

Damon once held a comfortable lead in the title chase, but has been hampered since Atlanta with an ankle injury. He and Heath are now tied in points, and have three races left to decide who will score the title and prize money.

Chad Reed now has a 37-point lead over Kevin Windham in the 250cc title chase. Barring any problems, he should easily wrap up the championship before the series final in Las Vegas.

The next race is in two weeks in Dallas.

250 Main Event Results

  1. Chad Reed
  2. Mike LaRocco
  3. David Vuillemin
  4. Kevin Windham
  5. Nick Wey
  6. Sean Hamblin
  7. Heath Voss
  8. Damon Huffman
  9. Ezra Lusk
  10. Michael Byrne
  11. Ryan Clark
  12. Nathan Ramsey
  13. Keith Johnson
  14. Joe Oehlhof
  15. Isaiah Johnson
  16. Tommy Hofmaster
  17. Jimmy Wilson
  18. Craig Anderson
  19. Tyler Evans
  20. Jason Thomas