TWMX Race Report: ’04 Salt Lake City SX

Chad Reed clinched the 2004 AMA 250cc Supercross title at round 15 of the 16-race series in Salt Lake City… Well, at least that seemed to be the forgone conclusion coming into the weekend. Yamaha’s Reed led Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s Kevin Windham by 40 points with only two rounds remaining, and since you can only score 25 points in any given race, all Reed had to do was finish inside the top 11 in order to clinch the title, no matter what Kevin Windham did.

However, after an AMA advisory board meeting held the Friday before the supercross, a 25-point penalty was assessed to Reed, his teammate David Vuillemin, and Yamaha privateer Tyson Hadsell for out-of-spec fuel. The result was a 15-point difference between Reed and Windham for the championship, pending appeal. And it also put LaRocco’s third-place spot out of reach for Vuillemin.

Ultimately, one could speculate that the closer gap in points put a new fire under Windham’s seat, as he marched off and left the pack behind in the 250cc main event, winning his fourth main event of the season in front of a reported 37,143 fans.

In the 125cc Western Regional Finale, Pro Circuit/Kawasaki/Chevy Trucks’ Ivan Tedesco finished out his season with another win, going seven for eight overall.

125cc Heat Races

Boost Mobile/Yamaha/Troy Racing’s newfound fast-guy Josh Hansen and Tedesco’s teammate Stephane Roncada shared the heat one holeshot. Two turns into the race, Roncada got underneath Hansen, and the two made contact. Hansen floundered into the whoops and fell down, while Roncada secured the lead. Roncada led the remainder of the heat, followed by Honda’s Nathan Ramsey, Amsoil/Chaparral Honda’s Greg Schnell and Justin Brayton, and Samsung/Radio Shack Yamaha’s Michael Blose.

Tedesco grabbed the holeshot in the second Heat, followed closely by National Arenacross Champion Darcy Lange and Daniel Blair. Tedesco led the entire heat to close out a Pro Circuit heat-race one-two punch for the umpteenth time during the West series this year, followed at a distance by Hansen’s teammate Brock Sellards, Lange, Suzuki’s Steve Boniface, and Josh Summey.

250cc Heat Races

Great starter Kyle Lewis grabbed the heat one holeshot over Windham and Shogun Yamaha’s Tommy Hofmaster, but both Windham and Hofmaster made their way by within two straightaways. Mach 1 Yamaha’s Ezra Lusk, Windham’s teammate Mike LaRocco and Lusk’s teammate Heath Voss found themselves quite a ways back off the start, and it only got worse for Lusk, as he crashed while trying to move through the pack. Windham took off to win by a ridiculous margin of over 27 seconds in the eight-lap race over Suzuki’s Nick Wey, who came from behind for second. Subway Honda’s Jason Thomas held on for third over Suzuki privateer Tyler Evans, who held off LaRocco for the final transfer spot.

Lewis’ MotoXXX teammate Damon Huffman followed his boss’ example to snag the heat-two holeshot over Motosport Outlet Honda’s Craig Anderson, Vuillemin and Reed. Vuillemin went right to the lead with Reed right on his tail. On lap three, Reed dropped Vuillemin to second and ran off to win the heat by over seven seconds, with Vuillemin finishing second, Chevy Trucks Kawasaki’s Michael Byrne and Huffman rounded out the qualifiers.

Windham’s heat was a full nine seconds faster than Reed’s.

Other Notables…

The starting order for the 125cc LCQ was also the finishing order, as Hansen grabbed the holeshot over Red Bull KTM’s next-year recruit Jay Marmont, Star Racing/Bobby J’s Yamaha’s Jeff Gibson and Samsung/Radio Shack Yamaha’s Chris Whitcraft.

MotoXXX’s Lewis grabbed yet another holeshot in the first Semi, and he held on to win over a charging LaRocco, who came from way back for second. Isaiah Johnson, Clark Stiles and Hofmaster rounded out the qualifiers, while Voss was relegated to the LCQ, along with his teammate Lusk.

Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin t on his second whip-fest in a row during the second Semi. In Dallas last week, he whipped the bike while leading his Semi for the last half of the race. He did likewise in Salt Lake, grabbing the lead from James Povolny on the first lap and racing off to the win, whipping it over every jump he could muster. Solitaire’s Ryan Clark, Povolny, Anderson and Tyson Hadsell all made it directly into the main event, while Star Racing’s Erick Vallejo was sent to the LCQ to face off with Voss and Lusk.

Vallejo was left out of the face-off in the LCQ with a bad start, but Munn KTM’s Jacob Martin grabbed the holeshot over Voss and Lusk. Both of the Mach 1 Yamaha riders muscled their way past in the opening laps and transferred to the main event.

125cc Main

The two Pro Circuit/Kawasaki/Chevy Trucks KX250Fs of Tedesco and Roncada led the field through the first turn, with Roncada running directly behind his teammate, who grabbed the $1000 Butterfinger Holeshot Award, while Sellards grabbed third right away from Brayton. That was it. For the ensuing 15 laps, Tedesco led Roncada and Sellards all the way to the checkered flag.

After an eighth-place start, Hansen worked his way up to fourth, while Ramsey recovered from a horrible launch to land fifth over the three Samsung/Radio Shack Yamahas of Summey, Lalloz and Blose, while Brayton rounded out the riders on the lead lap in ninth.

125cc Main Event Results

  1. Ivan Tedesco Kaw
  2. Stephane Roncada Kaw
  3. Brock Sellards Yam
  4. Josh Hansen Yam
  5. Nathan Ramsey Hon
  6. Josh Summey Yam
  7. Matthieu Lalloz Yam
  8. Michael Blose Yam
  9. Justin Brayton Yam
  10. Darcy Lange Kaw
  11. Jeff Gibson Yam
  12. Chris Whitcraft Yam
  13. Ryan Morais KTM
  14. Troy Adams Kaw
  15. Evan Laughridge Suz
  16. Jesse Casillas Yam
  17. Jay Marmont KTM
  18. Greg Schnell Hon
  19. Bobby Kiniry Suz
  20. Daniel Blair Yam
  21. Dylan Lord Suz
  22. Steve Boniface Suz

125cc Western Region Final Points

  1. Ivan Tedesco (197) 7 wins
  2. Nathan Ramsey (147) 1 win
  3. Stephane Roncada (138)
  4. Brock Sellards (127)
  5. Travis Preston (117)
  6. Greg Schnell (90)
  7. Andrew Short (89)
  8. Troy Adams (79)
  9. Josh Summey (67)
  10. Josh Hansen (60)

250cc Main Event

The 250cc main event’s race for the lead wasn’t much better than the 125cc race. Hofmaster actually grabbed the $1500 Butterfinger Holeshot Award over Huffman, Wey, Windham and Voss, but Windham raced right by the three riders in front of him to lead the first lap, while Lusk was assisted off the track by the Asterisk Medic crew with a probable broken left lower leg.

As Reed and Vuillemin worked their way through the pack from starts outside the top five, Windham took off, leading by a full 11 seconds over Wey after five laps. Reed caught Wey on lap seven, but couldn’t work his way around until lap nine, by which point Windham had about 16 seconds to spare over the following 11 laps. The Honda rider kept the majority of that lead for much of the race, eventually cruising home 4.2 seconds in front of Reed, with Vuillemin a ways back in third and LaRocco recovering from a characteristic horrible start for fourth. After starting well outside the top 10, Hamblin secured the fifth spot from his teammate Wey on lap 18 and was gaining on LaRocco at the finish, before running out of time.

250cc Main Event Results

  1. Kevin Windham Hon
  2. Chad Reed Yam
  3. David Vuillemin Yam
  4. Mike LaRocco Hon
  5. Sean Hamblin Suz
  6. Nick Wey Suz
  7. Heath Voss Yam
  8. Michael Byrne Kaw
  9. Ryan Clark Yam
  10. Jason Thomas Hon
  11. Isaiah Johnson Yam
  12. Kyle Lewis Hon
  13. James Povolny Hon
  14. Tyler Evans Suz
  15. Craig Anderson Hon
  16. Tommy Hofmaster Yam
  17. Tyson Hadsell Yam
  18. Damon Huffman Hon
  19. Clark Stiles Hon
  20. Ezra Lusk Yam


  • Sean Hamblin Suz
  • Nick Wey Suz
  • Heath Voss Yam
  • Michael Byrne Kaw
  • Ryan Clark Yam
  • Jason Thomas Hon
  • Isaiah Johnson Yam
  • Kyle Lewis Hon
  • James Povolny Hon
  • Tyler Evans Suz
  • Craig Anderson Hon
  • Tommy Hofmaster Yam
  • Tyson Hadsell Yam
  • Damon Huffman Hon
  • Clark Stiles Hon
  • Ezra Lusk Yam