TWMX Race Report: ’04 San Francisco SX

With rain earlier in the week and the threat of more rain through Friday, the Dirt Werx crew delayed the building of the San Francisco track until later than usual, resulting in the cancellation of Friday’s normal practice sessions. Other than some scattered showers late Friday night, however, the adverse weather held off and Saturday was welcomed with beautiful crisp blue skies. After a quick track walk in the morning the riders were ready to roll onto the floor of SBC Park for the first time. Practice sessions led into the day qualifiers, which were immediately followed by the heat races, and on into the main events. Here’s the way things shook down…


125cc Main Event

Preston and Tedesco entered the main event with heat wins under their belts, which wasn’t much of a surprise. What was a change from previous weeks, however, was the fact that Preston’s heat was a full 10 seconds faster than Ivan’s. Pretty impressive considering the 125 heats are only six laps long. When the gate dropped for the main it was Tedesco that grabbed the holeshot.


Preston started just outside the top five and slowly began moving his way up. Ramsey and Preston began gaining ground on Ivan at a steady rate, but it was Ramsey who got to IT first, applying heavy pressure. Thanks to lap times under 50 seconds, the leaders pushed into lapped traffic by lap nine. With four laps to go Ramsey pulled his factory Honda CRF250 side by side with Tedesco, and made a pass that would stick, handing Ivan his first loss of the season.


Preston lacked the same aggressiveness that carried him to his heat win, and cruised in for a comfortable third just behind IT. Ramsey’s win marks the first of the season for those other than Tedesco, and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the West Coast series heading into a seven week break. “The series is about to head east for a while,” said Nate Dog, “and I didn’t want Ivan to sit on that confidence the whole time. I had to win!”


125cc Main Event Final Results:

  1. Nathan Ramsey
  2. Ivan Tedesco
  3. Travis Preston
  4. Brock Sellards
  5. Stephane Roncada
  6. Steve Boniface
  7. Andrew Short
  8. Jeff Gibson
  9. Joshua Summey
  10. Joaquim Rodrigues
  11. Michael Blose
  12. Troy Adams
  13. Greg Schnell
  14. Eric Nye
  15. Ryan Morais
  16. Sean Collier
  17. Dylan Lord
  18. Stephan Demartis
  19. Nathan Tiearney
  20. Vincent Blair
  21. Jesse Casillas
  22. Daniel Blair

250cc Main Event

Absent from the 250cc main this week was Ezra Lusk who got off hard in his heat race, reportedly breaking his hand. Once the field was set and the gate dropped it was Michael Byrne who grabbed the holeshot, with Grant Langston in second.


Favorites Reed and Windham were back in sixth and eighth respectively. On lap two Byrner and Langston made contact leaving Byrne on the ground. From our vantage point it looked like nothing more than incidental “racing” contact, but we later learned that the AMA docked Cool G five seconds for the move.


At the end of the night that five seconds cost Grant two positions, bumping him from a fifth place finish to seventh in the actual standings. On lap four, and almost simultaneously, Reed got by Robbie Reynard for second and K-Dub went down hard in the whoops. On the very next lap Reed got by Langston for the lead and never looked back.


Windham, meanwhile, picked himself off the ground and scrambled to gain back every position possible scraping up points along the way. Toward the end of the race the San Francisco crowd of nearly 40,000 people were treated to a great battle between LaRocco, Langston, and Vuillemin for the second spot.


DV12 ultimaately got the upper hand and closed in on a slowing Reed on the last lap. K-Dub went from near last and climbed back to sixth, but the Langston penalty bumped him up a spot to fifth for the standings. Nick Wey put in his best ride of the season with a very impressive fourth after a slow start.


Final 250cc Main Event Results:

  1. Chad Reed
  2. David Vuillemin
  3. Mike LaRocco
  4. Nick Wey
  5. Kevin Windham
  6. Sean Hamblin
  7. Grant Langston
  8. Damon Huffman
  9. Heath Voss
  10. Michael Byrne
  11. Ryan Clark
  12. Keith Johnson
  13. Joe Oehlhof
  14. Mike Brown
  15. Erick Vallejo
  16. Robbie Reynard
  17. Craig Anderson
  18. Tyler Evans
  19. Ted Campbell
  20. Scott Davis