TWMX Race Report: 2006 WMA Nationals: Hangtown

Team Moto-XXX’s Jessica Patterson scored the overall win at round two of the Hitachi Women’s Motocross Association Championship Series, held at Prairie City OHV Park in Rancho Cordova, California.

The defending WMA Champion used 2-1 moto scores to earn her first win of the season aboard her Eddie Ray-tuned Honda CRF250R.

New Zealander Katherine Prumm scored her third consecutive moto win in the first moto after taking over the lead early on from holeshot winner Sherri Cruse, while Patterson was mired at the start and worked into a distant second at the checkered flag.

Before taking over second for good, however, Patterson had a spirited battle with Yamaha-mounted Alisa Nix, who held on to finish third in the moto, albeit some distance back from Patterson at the finish.

Jessye Davis was a solid fourth in the first go-round, ahead of Suzuki’s Leah Cantrell and Yamaha’s Sarah Whitmore, who is still riding while nursing a separated shoulder. Whitmore ran as high as third in the moto before succumbing to the pain in her injured shoulder.

Cruse nabbed another holeshot in the second moto, but this time Patterson gated towards the front and wasted little time taking command of the race.

Once into the point position, Patterson was never headed as she pulled away to a commanding win. “I felt great once I got out front,” said Patterson. “It took me a while to get past everyone in the first moto, but once I got out front I just put my head down and rode.”

Nix held down second for the first half of the moto, with Prumm right on her rear fender. The New Zealander finally found her way past at the half way point and did her best to close on Patterson, but the gap was too great.

Three laps from the end, Prumm’s race fell apart when she collided with a lapper after the large uphill gap jump. Prumm finished the moto, but later learned that she had broken her wrist in the scary crash.

Nix inherited second and second overall, while Davis crossed the finish line in fourth and earned the final podium position. Third in the moto and fifth overall went to Brazilian Mariana Balbi, sister of AMA Motocross contender Antonio Balbi.

Cantrell was fifth in the second moto, just as she was in the first, and her consistency rewarded her with fourth overall. Whitmore was run off the track on the opening lap but put on a tremendous charge through the pack, she greeted the finish flag in seventh for sixth overall.

Other regular WMA contenders Tarah Gieger and Tania Satchwell both suffered terrible luck at Hangtown: Satchwell suffering a banged-up knee in a horrific practice crash and Gieger parting ways with her bike several times and damaging her bike. In pain with her knee taped up, Team Green’s Satchwell soldiered on to seventh overall via 8-6 moto scores. Gieger, meanwhile, was not as fortunate, carding 20th overall with her 11-DNF scores. Gieger ran as high as second in the second moto, but a flat rear tire forced her to retire.

2006 Hitachi WMA PRO National Motocross Championship
Prairie City OHV Park; Rancho Cordova, CA

  1. Jessica Patterson (Hon) (1-2)
  2. Alisa Nix (Yam) (3-2)
  3. Jessye Davis (Hon) (4-4)
  4. Leah Cantrell (Suz) (5-5)
  5. Mariana Balbi (Hon) (9-3)
  6. Sarah Whitmore (Yam) (6-7)
  7. Sherri Cruse (Yam) (8-6)
  8. Katherine Cruse (Yam) (7-8)
  9. Katherine Prumm (Kaw) (1-17)
  10. Aubriana Dunn (Hon) (10-9)
  11. Katie McGuire (Kaw) (13-12)
  12. Kaide Garrett (Yam) (12-13)
  13. Vanessa Florentino (Hon) (19-10)
  14. Kelly Spring (Yam) (14-15)
  15. Penni Cyrus (Kaw) (16-14)
  16. Ashley Boham (Hon) (20-11)
  17. Jessica Foster (Suz) (17-16)
  18. Jolee Van Vugt (Suz) (15-19)
  19. Bonnie Warch (Yam) (21-20)
  20. Tarah Gieger (Yam) (11-DNF)


  1. Jessica Patterson 83
  2. Katherine Prumm 79
  3. Alisa Nix 72
  4. Mariana Balbi 69
  5. Jessye Davis 65
  6. Sarah Whitmorre 65
  7. Leah Cantrell 63
  8. Aubriana Dunn 53
  9. Sherri Cruse 41
  10. Tarah Geiger 36
  11. Tania Sachwell 33
  12. Kaide Garrett 33
  13. Ashley Boham 32
  14. Penni Cyrus 26
  15. Lindsey Scheltema 21
  16. Katie Mcguire 18
  17. Kelly Spring 15
  18. Jolee Van Vugt 15
  19. Alison Jones 15
  20. Vanessa Florintino 13