TWMX Race Report: Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP, Toronto ’05

With his decisive win over the defending champion Team Makita Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael at round one of the Amp’d Mobile World Supercross Series in Toronto, Canada; Team Kawasaki’s James Stewart finally removed the weight from his shoulders. And with the pressure now off he can continue the season confident and strong.

In what many are calling some of the best racing in a long time, Bubba overcame a race-long battle with RC, to take the win¿and after falling it was amazing to see Stewart even catch up to Ricky. At the end of the night James was elated to finally get another victory to add to his collection.

In the Supercross Lites class the action didn¿t disappoint either. After getting a horrible start, Team Honda’s newest recruit Davi Millsaps climbed back up to take the win over Team Red Bull KTM’s Josh Hansen.


This race was all about Team Red Bull KTM, as both of the team’s riders were in it. At the drop of the gate, though, it was KTM Canada’s Michael Willard who took the holeshot, but his time in the lead didn¿t last for long. Nathan Ramsey moved into first on the opening lap, and from there never looked back. Behind him his teammate Josh Hansen quickly took over second and pulled away from Willard. After that the order stayed the same. Ramsey took the win followed by Hansen, who was a few seconds back. Willard finished third.


Just like KTM did in the first heat, Team Honda dominated the second. At the start Andrew Short took the holeshot aboard his Chris LoShalvo tuned CRF250R, while his teammate Davi Millsaps followed close behind. The two riders then proceeded to battle for most of the race, and swapped the lead numerous times. Then, at the halfway mark, Millsaps crashed and handed the win to Short. After that Short cruised to a relatively easy victory. Millsaps finished second followed by Team Sobe/Samsung/Amsoil/Honda rider Billy Laninovich.


The start of this race saw Supercross Class (formerly 250cc class) rookie Team Makita Suzuki’s Ivan Tedesco take the holeshot over Team Yamaha’s Chad Reed. The running order quickly changed, though, as Reed passed Tedesco on the first lap, and after that began to pull away. For the rest of the race Hot Sauce stayed in second, only a few seconds down from Reedy, and on the last lap Tedesco even closed the gap slightly, but in the end it was all about Reed. The 2004 Supercross Champion crossed the line first ahead of Tedesco in second and MDK/ Honda’s Nick Wey in third.


This was the race to watch, as it featured two of the world’s top supercross riders: Team Kawasaki’s James Stewart and Team Makita Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael.

The start saw Bubba take the holeshot aboard his booming KXF450, and after that it appeared as though he was going to run away with it¿that is until he severely cased a tricky triple in a rhythm section. The costly mistake allowed RC to close the gap and put the pressure on. Bubba didn¿t crack, though, and held his ground. For the rest of the race the two riders remained only a few bike lengths apart. Behind them Stewart’s teammate Michael Byrne held down third, but crashed off the track after landing on a tuff block. The mistake dropped the Kawasaki rider down to fourth and moved Team Subway/Coca Cola/Honda’s Jeff Gibson into third.

125 MAIN

Just like at the U.S. Open a few months ago, Andrew Short lost a race he should have won due to mechanical problems.

The start of the race saw Shorty take the holeshot and begin to run away. While behind him Team Red Bull KTM teammates Josh Hansen and Nathan Ramsey held down second and third respectively. In the opening laps Short began looking down at his bike over the triples, and down the start straight. As it turned out it was a hint of things to come. With only a few laps in the books Shorty pulled outf the race, and pushed his bike off the track. Meanwhile, his teammate Davi Millsaps, who started in fourth, was busy working his way up. After passing Ramsey a lap before Short left the race, Millsaps set his sights on Hansen, and once he was on the rear wheel of Hanny he never let off. The two riders battled for a few laps until finally Millsaps made a pass stick right after the first triple. When the two riders went into the next turn Millsaps took Hanny’s line away, and that was the end of the race. After that, Millsaps began to open up a lead that no one could touch, and on the final lap Hansen was down by five seconds, with Billy Laninovich in third. When the checkered flag came out the order remained the same. Millsaps crossed the line first followed by Hanny and Laninovich completing the podium.

250 MAIN

This was probably one of the best races in a long time. And just like James Stewart did in his heat race, he did in the main event¿he beat Ricky Carmichael. Stewart crashed, re-mounted, caught back up to Carmichael, and then straight up passed him.

When the gate hit the soft Canadian dirt for the start it was Bubba with the holeshot, and just like he used to do in the 125 class he immediately began to open up a lead. Then only a few laps into the race it all came crashing down.

Going into the first turn berm Bubba lost his front end and went down. Luckily, though, he was able to remount in time to stay in third. Then, one lap later the Kawasaki rider re-passed Reed over one of the triples, and set his sights on RC, who was out front by roughly two to three seconds.

Near the halfway mark Bubba caught up to RC, and began to make a race out of it. The two riders battled for the rest of the race, and exchanged the lead numerous times. Finally with only four laps to go Bubba made his move for good, and did it in a technical rhythm section. Stewart jumped past Carmichael when the Suzuki rider missed his line. After that it was clear sailing for Bubba. He opened up a gap on RC and took the checkered flag for his first victory since April of this year. Another 10 seconds behind the two riders was Reed, while Ivan Tedesco took fourth in his first Premier class race.

To say Bubba was happy would be an understatement. After the race Bubba eluded to the fact that he feels a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, and he can breathe now. “The pace next year is only going to pick up,” Stewart said. “But, like I said it feels so good. It feels like so much pressure has been lifted off my shoulders after this race. I can’t wait to get home and really focus on doing what I need to do.”

As for Ricky, he was disappointed with his finish, but knows that even he has areas he can work on. “I really believe that my line selection needs to be a little bit better,” Ricky said. “I feel that is maybe what I need to work on. I can go a little bit faster, but at the same time you can only do what your bike can allow you to do. I was riding it the best I could, and that’s what it got me tonight¿ second place.”

125 Heat One:

  1. Nathan Ramsey (KTM)
  2. Josh Hansen (KTM)
  3. Michael Willard (KTM)
  4. Brady Sheren (Kaw)
  5. Ryan Lockhart (Suz)

125 Heat Two:

  1. Andrew Short (Hon)
  2. Billy Laninovich (Hon)
  3. Davi Millsaps (Hon)
  4. Jake Weimer (Hon)
  5. Dennis Ewing (Hon)

250 Heat One:

  1. Chad Reed (Yam)
  2. Ivan Tedesco (Suz)
  3. Nick Wey (Hon)
  4. Heath Voss (Yam)
  5. Jason Thomas (Hon)

250 Heat Two:

  1. James Stewart (Kaw)
  2. Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
  3. Jeff Gibson (Hon)
  4. Michael Byrne (Kaw)
  5. Ryan Clark (Hon)

125 Main:

  1. Davi Millsaps (Hon)
  2. Josh Hansen (KTM)
  3. Billy Laninovich (Hon)
  4. Jake Weimer (Hon)
  5. Michael Willard

250 Main:

  1. James Stewart (Kaw)
  2. Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
  3. Chad Reed (Yam)
  4. Ivan Tedesco (Suz)
  5. Nick Wey (Hon)


250 Main:

  1. James Stewart (Kaw)
  2. Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
  3. Chad Reed (Yam)
  4. Ivan Tedesco (Suz)
  5. Nick Wey (Hon)