TWMX Race Report: Binghamton ’04

One down, one to go…

James Stewart clinched the 2004 AMA/Chevrolet 125cc National Championship with only five motos left to go. And that’s with one DNF on his record. In the process, Bubba tied his Fox compatriot Ricky Carmichael’s career AMA 125 National win total at 26.

In the premier class, Carmichael once again thoroughly dominated his competition, leading every single lap of both motos and keeping his second perfect season alive with only four motos left to run.

125cc Moto One

Mike Brown grabbed his third holeshot in a row in moto one, and Stewart immediately attempted a pass, only to come together with the Yamaha rider. Brown took exception to the contact and proceeded to knock Stewart down only a couple of turns later.

Brown led the first three laps over first Chris Gosselaar, then Broc Hepler, then Stewart. Stewart made his way back by on lap four and took off, eventually winning by just over 16 seconds over Hepler, Brown, Davi Millsaps, Ivan Tedesco and Gosselaar.

250cc Moto One

Craig Anderson grabbed the moto-one holeshot over RC and Joaquim Rodrigues, but RC and J-Rod moved into the first two spots before the second turn. Kevin Windham and Chad Reed both moved by Rodrigues on the first lap, but Carmichael was gone in just a couple of laps, eventually winning by over 26 seconds.

Reed chased Windham down late in the moto to finish second, while Windham held on for third. Rodrigues held off Sebastien Tortelli from lap one until lap 11, at which point Rodrigues had actually pulled away from Tortelli, but then fell in the left-hander after the finish. He got up for fifth behind Tortelli.

125cc Moto Two

Gosselaar grabbed the moto-two holeshot over Troy Adams, Danny Smith, Millsaps, and the rest of the pack. Bubba was mired in the pack, but he was in the lead as the riders crossed the line to complete lap one. He went on to win by nearly 44 seconds over Millsaps, Hepler, Adams and Matt Walker.

Stewart obviously took the overall, over Hepler, Millsaps, Brown and Adams.

250cc Moto Two

Anderson again led the pack in turn one with Rodrigues, Carmichael and Reed in tow. Carmichael again quickly took over the point over Reed and Rodrigues, who was busy with Fonseca all over his back wheel. Windham went down hard late on lap one, and despite a pit stop, he still recovered for 12th.

Carmichael eventually took the win by 26.2 seconds over Reed. Rodrigues fell in the same corner as he did in moto one and picked himself up in eighth, but repassed Hamblin late in the race for seventh, and fifth overall.

Reed was second overall, with Tortelli third and Fonseca fourth.

125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Broc Hepler, 2-3
  3. Davi Millsaps, 4-2
  4. Mike Brown, 3-7
  5. Troy Adams, 8-4
  6. Ivan Tedesco, 5-8
  7. Chris Gosselaar, 6-9
  8. Greg Schnell, 7-10
  9. Matt Walker, 13-5
  10. Danny Smith, 14-6

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Chad Reed, 2-2
  3. Sebastien Tortelli, 4-4
  4. Ernesto Fonseca, 7-3
  5. Joaquim Rodrigues, 5-7
  6. Kevin Windham, 3-12
  7. Sean Hamblin, 6-8
  8. Nick Wey, 9-6
  9. Heath Voss, 8-9
  10. David Vuillemin, 15-5