TWMX Race Report: Broome-Tioga ’05

A little overnight rain, and one heavy-duty 10-minute soaker of a morning rain shower changed up the morning schedule at the Broome-Tioga Sports Center. The second rounds of practices were canceled, qualifiers quickly run, and the track crew did their best to scrape mud off the race surface. The biggest area of concern was a very wet and deep start area. Early gate picks and good starts were even more crucial that usual.

125cc Moto One

Normally the far right of the gate is the pick of choice for Broome-Tioga’s 180-degree right-hander, but while 125 point leader Ivan Tedesco lined up on the far right, and Red Bull KTM’s Mike Alessi started from the far left, the two met in the first turn. Mike rounded the corner first, before a minor bobble allowed Tedesco to jump into the lead on his Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki. That didn’t last long, though, as Mike quickly retook the lead.

Behind the lead duo, frontrunners included Matt Walker, Ryan Mills, Grant Langston, and last week’s Millville winner, Andrew Short.

Langston dispatched Mills early, and set out after Tedesco, and got by him just past the halfway point. The big mover however, was Team Makita Suzuki’s Broc Hepler, who charged from 12th on the first lap, into third when he passed Short with three laps to go.

The race for the lead was a snoozer, however, as Alessi enjoyed a huge gap over Langston en route to the first moto win.

250cc Moto One

The first 250 moto followed a very familiar script. Ricky Carmichael holeshot aboard his Makita Suzuki RM-Z450, and Amsoil/Factory Connection Honda’s Windham in second…but with Kawasaki’s James Stewart around to Windham on his toes, instead of riding around by himself. The big thumbs-up for the moto went to Michael Byrne, who finished fourth.

The bad news was that there were only 31 finishers in the moto, and RC lapped up all the way up to eighth (Ernesto Fonseca).

125cc Moto Two

Ivan Tedesco and Mike Alessi swapped their gate choices for moto two, and once again, met in the first turn. Once again, Tedesco had the lead at the exit of the first turn, but the big surprise was Broc Hepler, who went by both Alessi and Tedesco on the first lap. The top three stayed the same throughout the entire moto, with Hepler grabbing the win over Alessi and Tedesco. However, Mike’s 1-2 gave him the overall over Hepler’s 3-1.

250cc Moto Two

This is where things got interesting. James Stewart got a great launch and immediately moved over to cover RC. Ernesto Fonseca also got a great start and pulled into the first turn hot on James’ heels. Afterwards, Ricky said, ” I wheelied and allowed Bubba to get by both of us and he closed the door. I think if I’d have been able to keep the front end down, maybe I could have run it to the outside a little more. For sure Kevin would have been right behind me.”

Carmichael quickly moved into second, and was pacing Bubba for the first couple laps before making a move into the lead. “I made a nice clean pass on the inside of a turn in the back section.” Shortly after that, the two riders were racing down the biggest downhill on the track. “I was coming down the hill and I just heard a bike coming wide open. I went, ‘Oh, no,’ I kind of braced off and right to the left of my vision I see his fender, and it keeps coming and coming, and it was almost leaning into me. And then it just…it was elbows and a**holes after that.” Bubba remounted and rode a couple more laps without a rear fender before retiring for the afernoon.

Ricky commented further about the crash. “He was definitely committed for sure. So I was a little scared. I was going to give it to him because I knew I could pass him back. I think I had to change my line. It was wet there, too, so it was really hard to get stopped.”

“I feel bad for the guy because I know it’s not fun to hit the mat that many times. I ate it quite a few ttimes in ’99. I think it boils down to patience. You’ve got to have patience. I can understand him challenging, and wanting to pass me right back, but I think sometimes you have to dissect the track, and wait for the right time.”

The rest of the moto was fairly predictable, with Fonseca in third, and some advanced math required to figure out third overall. With an 8-3, Ernesto grabbed his third consecutive podium. Byrne was fourth overall, and David Vuillemin fifth. Privateer surprises included Robbie Reynard in sixth overall, and Ryan Hughes (on a Suzuki RM-Z450, in fifth place in the second moto.

125cc Overall

  1. Mike Alessi 3-1 (KTM)
  2. Broc Hepler 4-4 (Suz)
  3. Andrew Short 2-7 (Hon)
  4. Grant Langston 2-7 (Kaw)
  5. Ivan Tedesco 7-3 (Kaw)
  6. Josh Grant 6-5 (Hon)
  7. Kelly Smith 8-8 (Yam)
  8. Mike Brown 11-6 (Hon)
  9. Jason Lawrence 5-13 (Suz)
  10. Davi Millsaps 10-11 (Suz)

125cc Overall Points

  1. Ivan Tedesco 366
  2. Mike Alessi 323
  3. Andrew Short 317
  4. Josh Grant 302
  5. Mike Brown 296
  6. Grant Langston 283
  7. Broc Hepler 271
  8. Davi Millsaps 241
  9. Matt Walker 206
  10. Danny Smith 160

250cc Overall

  1. Ricky Carmichael 1-1 (Suz)
  2. Kevin Windham 2-2 (Hon)
  3. Ernesto Fonseca 8-3 (Hon)
  4. Michael Byrne 4-6 (Kaw)
  5. David Vuillemin 9-4 (Yam)
  6. Robbie Reynard 6-7 (Hon)
  7. Travis Preston 5-8 (Hon)
  8. Nick Wey 8-9 (Hon)
  9. Ryan Hughes 15-3 (Suz)
  10. John Dowd 11-10 (Suz)

250 Overall Points

  1. Ricky Carmichael 494
  2. Kevin Windham 399
  3. Erneston Fonseca 314
  4. David Vuillemin 314
  5. Travis Preston 265
  6. Chad Reed 258
  7. John Dowd 248
  8. Michael Byrne 235
  9. Nick Wey 208
  10. James Stewart 138