TWMX Race Report: Glen Helen ’04

Perfection personified…

Ricky Carmichael is the only man to sweep an entire 125cc SX Series, he was the only man to sweep an entire motocross series in 2002 on a CR250R, and now he’s the only rider ever to do the latter twice, this time on a four-stroke. The first time Ricky Carmichael did it was during his first season with Honda, and it seemed impossible at the time. This time, it was his last season with Honda, and it seems no less impossible to imagine.

Oh yeah, and James Stewart dominated the 125cc class again, but this time aboard a KX250F.

125cc Moto One

Ivan Tedesco grabbed the first-moto holeshot, but Stewart on his new steed was right there, and it basically took him one more turn before he took the lead. From there, Bubba took off to a very comfortable lead. Broc Hepler came from way back for second and Matt Walker finished third after running second for much of the moto. Tedesco’s bike broke early in the moto.

Chris Gosselaar finished fourth and Davi Millsaps fifth.

250cc Moto One

Kyle Lewis grabbed the first of two holeshots to start moto one, but he was passed pretty early on by Chad Reed for the lead. Before the end of lap two, Carmichael made his way by Reed, and although Reed kept him honest for quite a while, RC eventually cruised to the win, well in front of Reed, with first-two-stroke honors going to Sebastien Tortelli in third, just in front of his teammate Hamblin and Lewis.

125cc Moto Two

Stewart grabbed the holeshot in moto two, and that was it. He ended up winning by over 40 seconds over Tedesco and Gosselaar, who came from behind to pass Nathan Ramsey late in the moto. Believe it or not, Gosselaar’s 4-3 was good for second overall, while Ramsey’s 11-4 was good enough for third.

Part of the reason for that was Hepler and Walker’s DNF in moto two after crashing and suffering a broken collarbone (Hepler) and a dislocated hip (Walker).

250cc Moto Two

Lewis grabbed the holeshot again to start moto two, but this time Carmichael was right on his tail, and he made his way around within a half a lap and took off, crossing the line well ahead of Reed for his 24th consecutive moto win, thus completing his second perfect season. Tortelli again finished third over Kevin Windham, who DNF’d moto one, and Lewis.

125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Chris Gosselaar, 4-3
  3. Nathan Ramsey, 11-4
  4. Kelly Smith, 9-4
  5. Danny Smith, 6-8
  6. Mike Brown, 10-6
  7. Troy Adams, 12-7
  8. Ivan Tedesco, 39-2
  9. Broc Hepler, 2-37
  10. Davi Millsaps, 5-17

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Chad Reed, 2-2
  3. Sebastien Tortelli, 3-3
  4. Kyle Lewis, 5-5
  5. Ernesto Fonseca, 7-7
  6. Sean Hamblin, 4-12
  7. Heath Voss, 8-8
  8. Nick Wey, 12-6
  9. Ryan Clark, 10-11
  10. Juss Laansoo, 13-9