TWMX Race Report: High Point ’04

Stewart and Carmichael continue to dominate at Mt. Morris

It’s going to be a long summer, unless your name is James Stewart or Ricky Carmichael. At round two of the AMA/Chevrolet U.S. Motocross Series, held at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, Bubba and RC showed once again why they are such heavy favorites every time they board their respective motorcycles, each winning both of their motos going away.

125cc Moto One

Hometown boy Broc Hepler absconded with the moto-one 125cc holeshot, but Stewart was right there and went by the Suzuki pilot right away and began to check out.

“Well, I didn’t exactly get to see him for very long, so I couldn’t really learn a lot, Hepler said.

Unlike at Hangtown, though, Stewart just plain left everyone behind, pulling seconds a lap on Hepler as he tried to fight off Pro Circuit’s Matt Walker. Walker found his way by Hepler pretty early in the race and pulled out over seven seconds on the Suzuki rider.


Showing the maturity of a definite non-rookie, Hepler eventually started reeling Walker back in, and by the 25-minute mark, he caught the Georgian and demoted him back to third again. Stewart won by 37.193 seconds, with Hepler taking second, Walker third, YoT’s Mike Brown coming from behind to gather up fourth, while Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Hughes did likewise for fifth.


250cc Moto One

Ricky Carmichael led every lap of racing at Hangtown. After achieving the first-moto holeshot at Mt. Morris, ahead of Yamaha’s Chad Reed, it looked like it was going to be yet another RC riding clinic. However, just over a lap in, Carmichael fell over in an off-camber and handed the lead to Reed with a few seconds to spare.


However, RC kept his big thumper thumping and picked it up, put his head down and reeled Reed in quickly, making the pass back for the lead only two laps later and then taking off.


Meanwhile, Kevin Windham was quietly working his way through the pack after a poor start, and at around the 20-minute mark, he caught Reed. Not too long after that, Windham went by for the second spot. With that, the race was set, as RC took the win 20 seconds in front of Windham, with Reed in third, David Vuillemin fourth and Timmy Ferry fifth in his best ride by far since returning from his injured hand.

After running inside the top five for much of the race, John Dowd fell and recovered in eighth, only to lose that spot to a charging Sean Hamblin.

125cc Moto Two

Pro Circuit’s Ivan Tedesco grabbed the moto two lead off the start, only to be passed right away by Stewart, and Stewart was gone. Hepler wasted no time moving himself into second, but the future superstar wasn’t going to catch Bubba.


Hepler held second for the remainder of the race while the dicing went on behind him. Walker held third early, but Brown eventually reeled him in to take the final podium spot both in the moto and overall. Walker held on for fourth over Nathan Ramsey. Stewart won by 29.485 seconds.


250cc Moto Two

The moto-two 250cc holeshot belonged to Windham, with RC hot on his heels. Windham held onto the spot for the first couple laps before Carmichael got sick of the rock shower and made his move. The amazing thing was, even though the two were reeling off lap times in the 2:15 range (the fastest of the day by far), Carmichael immediately dipped into the 2:14s and pulled out a gap on Windham of over 10 seconds before running into the lappers.


RC ended up taking the win by just over six seconds over Windham, while Reed finished another 44 seconds behind him. About 16 seconds later came Vuillemin, followed relatively closely by Ernesto Fonseca (the winner of the big-bore two-stroke class at Mt. Morris) and Hamblin (second two-stroke).


125cc Overall Ressults:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Broc Hepler, 2-2
  3. Mike Brown, 4-3
  4. Matt Walker, 3-4
  5. Eric Sorby, 6-6
  6. Nathan Ramsey, 8-5
  7. Steve Lamson, 11-9
  8. Ivan Tedesco, 15-8
  9. Brock Sellards, 12-12
  10. Ryan Mills, 10-14

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Kevin Windham, 2-2
  3. Chad Reed, 3-3
  4. David Vuillemin, 4-4
  5. Ernesto Fonseca, 7-5
  6. Sean Hamblin, 8-6
  7. Michael Byrne, 6-8
  8. John Dowd, 9-7
  9. Nick Wey, 11-9
  10. Keith S. Johnson, 10-11