TWMX Race Report: High Point ’05


Fan have been waiting for two things during the Nationals: A heads-up race between James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael, and to see how long it would take Mike Alessi to win a National. In both cases, it only took until round two.

125cc Moto One

Ivan Tedesco grabbed the holeshot to start the first 125cc moto of the day, but was followed very closely by Mike Alessi. Alessi made the move into the lead before the second turn, and from there, he basically split. Andrew Short also made his way around Tedesco on the first circuit. Davi Millsaps rounded lap one in eighth, while Mike Brown was tenth. Grant Langston, who dislocated his left ankle last week in Hangtown, tried racing,but dropped out not long after the moto started. Millsaps made his way into second on the seventh lap, and began to reel in Alessi. But Alessi was long gone and ended up winning with ten seconds to spare over his amateur uber-rival Millsaps. Short hung on for third, while Broc Hepler was fourth, Ryan Hughes was fifth, Kelly Smith was sixth, and Mike Brown finished seventh.

250cc Moto One

Ricky Carmichael got a characteristic holeshot in the first 250cc moto on his RM-Z450. Stewart started fourth, but was quickly second and chasing Carmichael hard. Carmichael was forced to single an uphill double, and Stewart caught right up to him. On lap five, Stewart made a move around Carmichael in the back, and it looked as if Carmichael began to study up on Stewart¿s lines ¿ but that lasted less than a lap, as Stewart hit a soft spot in the track and turned in front of Carmichael, who clipped the Kawasaki rider and sent him to the dirt. From there, the moto was over ¿ although the two leaders were already more than thirty seconds in front of third place ¿ Kevin Windham.

Although he was up quickly, Stewart seemed to lose some steam and Carmichael began to gap him. At the finish, ten laps later, Carmichael sat one minute and one second in front of Stewart, who had a further 30 seconds on Windham, Chad Reed and David Vuillemin.

125cc Moto Two

After colliding with his teammate Nathan Ramsey right out of the gate, Mike Alessi should¿ve gotten a horrible start. But he kept it pinned and somehow still ended up second out of the gate, right behind Brown. Davi Millsaps rounded the first turn near the tail end of the top 20, although he rounded lap one 13th. Alessi made quick work of Brown, going by the veteran in the back section of the track on the second lap. But Brown went to school on Alessi and picked up some lines before, on lap 14, he made his move back around the rookie phenom and just split. Even though he only led for two laps, Brown pulled away considerably, finishing almost five seconds in front of Alessi after cruising much of the final lap. Alessi hung on for second, and his first AMA National overall victory while Millsaps caught up to third, nine seconds behind Alessi. Millsaps finished second overall, while Brown finished third.

250cc Moto Two

Jean-Sebastien Roy grabbed the moto-two holeshot on his CR250R, followed by Ernesto Fonseca, Rodrig Thain, Michael Byrne, Stewart and Carmichael. Stewart made his way into the lead before the end of the opening lap, and Carmichael was second. Carmichael slowly inched up on Stewart until, by about lap five, he was all over the Kawasaki pilot. At the halfway point, Carmichael pulled the trigger and pulled alongside Stewart down the front straight, then outjumped Bubba over the flat-landing finish-line jump to secure the lead. From there, he pulled away, eventually winning by over 18 seconds. Stewart hung on for second and second overall, seven seconds in front of Kevin Windham, whose 3-3 was good for third overall. Carmichael now enjoys a 28-point lead with 20 motos still left to run.

125cc O/A Results:

  1. Mike Alessi (KTM, 1-2)
  2. Davi Millsaps (Suz, 2-3)
  3. >

  4. Mike Brown (Hon, 7-1)
  5. Andrew Short (Hon, 3-7)
  6. Ryan Hughes (Hon, 5-6)
  7. Ryan Mills (KTM, 11-5)
  8. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw, 8-8)
  9. Kelly Smith (Yam, 6-10)
  10. Josh Grant (Hon, 18-4)
  11. Nathan Ramsey (KTM, 9-12)

250cc O/A Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (Suz, 1-1)
  2. James Stewart (Kaw, 2-2)
  3. Kevin Windham (Hon, 3-3)
  4. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon, 7-4)
  5. David Vuillemin (Yam, 5-5)
  6. Chad Reed (Yam, 4-8)
  7. Michael Byrne (Kaw, 6-7)
  8. Jean-Sebastien Roy (Hon, 11-6)
  9. Josh Woods (Suz, 9-9)
  10. John Dowd (Suz, 10-11)

125cc National Points Standings:

  1. Mike Brown (81)
  2. Mike Alessi (68/1 win)
  3. Broc Hepler (62)
  4. Ivan Tedesco (59)
  5. Andrew Short (52)
  6. Davi Millsaps (51)
  7. Josh Grant (50)
  8. Grant Langston (47/1 win)
  9. Ryan Hughes (47)
  10. Danny Smith (39)

250cc National Points Standings:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (100/2 wins)
  2. David Vuillemin (72)
  3. Chad Reed (71)
  4. Kevin Windham (62)
  5. James Stewart (59)
  6. Michael Byrne (56)
  7. Ernesto Fonseca (55)
  8. Travis Preston (45)
  9. Jean-Sebastien Roy (43)
  10. Heath Voss (38)