TWMX Race Report: Millville ’04


n: blatant or sensational promotion…

The top AMA National riders are universally sick of the hype. Mike Alessi was the story coming into Millville, and it didn’t matter if the hype was well-founded or not; the media was out in force because it’s a great story either way you look at it.

The real stars of the day were the same stars of every National run so far this year: James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael. Both utterly dominated the competition yet again, while The Rookie failed to score a single point on the day.

125cc Moto One

Mike Brown grabbed the holeshot to start the first 125cc moto, but before the conclusion of the first lap, Stewart had already taken over the lead, and he checked out. Matt Walker relegated Brown to third on lap two, and then Broc Hepler dropped him to fourth only a lap or two later. Brown eventually pulled off.

On lap 6 of 15, Hepler made his way around Walker for second and finished all alone over third-placed Walker, Nathan Ramsey and Troy Adams.

250cc Moto One

Chad Reed exploded out of the gate to a huge holeshot in moto one over Craig Anderson, Kyle Lewis, Joaquim Rodrigues, Justin Buckelew, Nick Wey and company, but even though Carmichael rounded turn one around 12th, he finished the first lap in second — albeit a ways behind Reed.

By the end of lap two, though, RC was right behind Reed, and he went to work on his rival. Carmichael went by in the whoops on lap 4 and took off, eventually winning over Reed, David Vuillemin, Sebastien Tortelli and Kevin Windham.

Alessi finished a lap down in 27th after T-boning Sean Hamblin early on lap one, and then falling again in the whoops later in the race.

125cc Moto Two

Brown grabbed yet another holeshot in the second moto over Ramsey, Kelly Smith, Chris Gosselaar, Greg Schnell, Adams, Hepler and Walker. Once again, Stewart moved to the lead early on the opening lap and set sail, while Hepler rounded lap one in third, just behind Brown.

Hepler fell on lap two, just after taking over the second spot, and remounted 6th, but on lap 8, he caught Walker and Brown, who were battling over the second spot, and he proceeded to pass both of them at the same time in the infamous Millville whoops to take over the runner-up spot, which he would keep to the finish.

Brown hung on for third over Davi Millsaps, Ramsey and Walker.

250cc Moto Two

Reed grabbed the moto-two holeshot again — completing a Yamaha holeshot sweep for the day — but gave way to Carmichael (who rounded turn one just outside the top five) before the completion of the first lap. On lap three, Reed went down while running second on the backside of an uphill jump, and as he struggled to start his YZ450F, Hamblin came over and ran into Reed going full-tilt on his RM250, sending both riders to the ground in a heap. Both seemed to be okay, although battered, and they both dropped out of the race.

Carmichael ended up winning by 17 seconds over Windham, Tortelli, Vuillemin and Fonseca, who had Rodrigues right on his tail at the finish.

Alessi started inside the top five, and was running seventh for some time before his bike quit with two laps to go as Michael Byrne was bearing down on him. He DNF’d moto two.

125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Broc Hepler, 2-2
  3. Matt Walker, 3-6
  4. Nathan Ramsey, 4-5
  5. Ryan Mills, 6-10
  6. Troy Adams, 5-13
  7. Ivan Tedesco, 9-12
  8. Mike Brown, 31-3
  9. Davi Millsaps, 37-4
  10. Danny Smith, 38-7

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Kevin Windham, 5-2
  3. Sebastien Tortelli, 4-3
  4. David Vuillemin, 3-4
  5. Ernesto Fonseca, 7-5
  6. Nick Wey, 6-8
  7. Joaquim Rodrigues, 10-6
  8. Michael Byrne, 9-7
  9. Heathh Voss, 8-9
  10. Chad Reed, 2-35