TWMX Race Report: Phoenix

Round two of the domestic side of the THQ World Supercross GP went off in Phoenix, providing plenty of fireworks, and if you think you knew how the season was going to go down after last week’s race in Anaheim, this one proved that you haven’t seen anything yet.


125cc Heats


The Pro Circuit Kawasaki duo of Stephane Roncada and Ivan Tedesco (who finished first and third in the Anaheim 1 main event) picked up right where they left off, taking their respective heat races. Honda’s Nate Ramsey and Team Samsung RadioShack’s Michael Blose finished behind Ronron in heat one; while Travis Preston and Matt Walker (who looked much better than last weekend) followed Ivan home in the second heat.


250 Heats

The first moto of the 250cc class had an awesome four-way battle between Honda’s Ernesto Fonseca (who had a comfortable race once he got clear of Team Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin, and the Yamaha duo of Tim Ferry and David Vuillemin. Hamy, Ferry and DV put on a clinic of what great Supercross racing is all about, trading positions back and forth throughout the remainder of the heat.


Tim Ferry came through the pack (and roost on the soft-surfaced track) to grab the runner-up spot at the checkers.


Heat two of the 250s was all Kevin Windham’s. He finished comfortably ahead of Ezra Lusk, who didn’t seem to suffer from the wrist he tweaked at Anaheim, as he was also extremely fast in practice.

The big news in this heat was a large pile-up that took out several riders, including Mike LaRocco and Chad Reed. Iron Mike opted for the long hike back to the pits to repair his bent Honda, while Chad Reed finished the heat with a good-sized dent in his pipe.



Grant Langston finished third, while Michael Byrne finished fourth. Both Reed and LaRocco headed for the semis.

125 LCQ

Star Racing’s Jeff Gibson took this one, ahead of Cole Siebler, Tim Weigand, and Brian Gray.

250 Semis

Nick Wey topped Tyler Evans in the first one, while Chad Reed had to work his way through the pack (and finally past near Team Subway’s Joe Oehlhof near the end of the race) to take the second one. The only surprise was that Chad looked almost mortal in this one, instead of the guy who made everyone look bad last weekend. However, he was clearly superiour through the whoops.

250 LCQ

For the second week in a row, Mike Brown was in the 250 LCQ, but Mike won it this week, punching his ticket to the main ahead of Keith Johnson.

125cc Main

Greg Schnell grabbed the Butterfinger Holeshot check, while last week’s runner-up, Nate Ramsey, was surfin’ turf in the first turn. Schnell was dispatched by Ivan Tedesco before the end of the first lap, and just like last week, Ivan ran unchallenged for the rest of the main. Stephane Roncada got by Schnell two laps later, and when Travis Preston went by Schnell on lap nine, the podium finishers were in place.


Andrew Short was the top 125cc two-stroke (and one of two in the main), so he scores first in class honors.

125cc Main Event Results

  1. Ivan Tedesco
  2. Stephane Roncada
  3. Travis Preston
  4. Andrew Short
  5. Brock Sellards
  6. Christopher Gosselaar
  7. Greg Schnell
  8. Jeff Gibson
  9. Joshua Summey
  10. Johnny Marley
  11. Nathan Ramsey
  12. Michael Blose
  13. Joshua Hansen
  14. Eric Nye
  15. Jonathan Shimp
  16. Cole Siebler
  17. Richie Owens
  18. Tim Weigand
  19. Brian Gray
  20. Troy Adams
  21. Matt Walker
  22. Robert Kiniry

250cc Main

Kevin Windham grabbed the holeshot, but that’s when things got a little crazy. David Vuillemin went by him, but K–Dub’s successful move to retake the lead, whether intention or not, knocked DV through the blocks and off the track. For more on the whole affair (which will reportedly cost Windham 10 of the 25 points that he earned for his first SX win since 2000) click here.

Mike LaRocco had gotten off to a great start and was running in second spot until lap four, when he was passed by Chad Reed. But Chad couldn’t make any time on Windham, and finished in second spot. Reed extended his series points lead to nine points over LaRocco, who moves into second spot. So much for the idea that Chad would win 16 straight races…though after seeing him at Anaheim, that didn’t appear impossible.


Behind LaRocco, the finishing order included Ezra Lusk, Tim Ferry, and Nick Wey. DV put on a main-long charge, and finished seventh at the end.

So, is there anyone still complaining about boring racing?

250cc Main Event Results

  1. Kevin Windham
  2. Chad Reed
  3. Mike Larocco
  4. Ezra Lusk
  5. Timmy Ferry
  6. Nick Wey
  7. David Vuillemin
  8. Sean Hamblin
  9. Tyler Evans
  10. Michael Byrne
  11. Damon Huffman
  12. Grant Langston
  13. Heath Voss
  14. Mike Brown
  15. Keith R Johnson
  16. Robbie L Reynard
  17. Joe Oehlhof
  18. Ryan Clark
  19. Daryl Hurley
  20. Ernesto Fonseca

Be sure to check back next week when the series returns to Anaheim, CA.