TWMX Race Report: Pontiac ’05

Langston completes his 125cc tripleheader

Grant Langston has won a 125cc World Championship, a 125cc National Championship, and he has now added a 125cc Regional Supercross Championship. He is the only rider to possess all three titles. He¿s also the first title winner of 2005.

125cc Qualifiers

Josh Hansen grabbed the holeshot at the start of the first 125cc heat with Branden Jesseman right on his tail, while Davi Millsaps started a little ways back. Near the halfway point, Millsaps moved around Jesseman for second, only to fall on the last lap and hand the spot back. Hansen won, Jesseman was second and Millsaps was third. Brock Sellards, Troy Adams, Matt Walker, Chad Johnson, Justin Buckelew, and Greg Schnell rounded out the top nine who qualified for the main event.

Grant Langston got out to a good start in the second heat and sped away with the win with tow-and-a-half seconds to spare over Steve Boniface, Josh Grant, Kelly Smith, Ryan Mills, Jeff Dement, Jacob Saylor, Joaquim Rodrigues, and Brad Ripple.

250cc Qualifiers

Kevin Windham got the holeshot to start his heat race against his main heat-race foe of late; Chad Reed. Windham immediately opened up a slight amount of breathing room, and from there it just slowly grew. At the end of eight laps, Windham took the win by 3.28 seconds over Reed, with Ernesto Fonseca a distance behind in third and Tyler Evans fourth.

Travis Preston got the jump at the start of the second heat with James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael chasing. Stewart got by quickly, while it took a little while for Carmichael to get into second. By the time he did, Stewart had a substantial lead. Stewart took the win by over five seconds ahead of Carmichael, Preston and David Vuillemin.

The first semi was another Sebastien Tortelli affair, as he won in front of Kyle Lewis, Doug Dehaan, Damon Huffman and Jiri Dostal.

Heath Voss dominated the second semi just in front of Mike LaRocco, Clark Stiles, Timmy Ferry and Ryan Clark.

125cc Main

Smith grabbed the holeshot to start the main event, while Rodrigues, Hansen (who trailed Langston by seven points leading into the main), Buckelew and Langston filed in behind him. Millsaps rounded the first lap 10th. Rodrigues grabbed the lead right away and Hansen jumped into second and began working on him. By lap three, Hansen jumped to the inside of Rodrigues and took over the lead. Rodrigues hung on while Langston moved into third. On lap nine, Millsaps had caught Langston and moved into third, and within two laps he had moved into second ¿ and then promptly fell.

Millsaps remounted in third, and just nipped Rodrigues for second on the last lap. Hansen did exactly what he needed to do to have a chance at the title, winning the race in a gutsy effort. But unfortunately for him, Langston did exactly what he needed to do, too, finishing fourth, right behind Rodrigues in third and Millsaps in second. Langston and Hansen tied on points, but Langston won the title on tie-breakers, having won three races this season to Hansen¿s two.

250cc Main

Windham grabbed the $1,500 Butterfinger Holeshot Award to start the 250cc main event, with Voss, Carmichael, Reed, Stewart and LaRocco right behind him. Voss held Carmichael and Co. off for the better part of three laps, and while he did so, Windham began to check out. Before they could get around Voss, Stewart went around Reed and was working on Carmichael as the three of them passed Voss.

On lap four, though, Stewart went down, losing the front in a 90-degree right-hander behind Carmichael. Reed inherited third, and Reed and Carmichael before long began to reel in Windham.

On lap 11, as the two began to bear down on Windham out front, Reed made his move by Carmichael in a tricky elevated corner into second, and four laps later, he did the same to get by Windham for the lead as RC followed suitt.

Reed took the victory by 1.7 seconds over Carmichael, and Windham cruised in for third in front of Stewart and LaRocco.

125cc Main Results:

  1. Josh Hansen (KTM)
  2. Davi Millsaps (Suz)
  3. Joaquim Rodrigues (Hon)
  4. Grant Langston (Kaw)
  5. Steve Boniface (Hon)
  6. Kelly Smith (Yam)
  7. Justin Buckelew (Hon)
  8. Branden Jesseman (Suz)
  9. Josh Grant (Hon)
  10. Brock Sellards (Yam)

250cc Main Results:

  1. Chad Reed (Yam)
  2. Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
  3. Kevin Windham (Hon)
  4. James Stewart (Kaw)
  5. Mike LaRocco (Hon)
  6. David Vuillemin (Yam)
  7. Heath Voss (Yam)
  8. Travis Preston (Hon)
  9. Timmy Ferry (Yam)
  10. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon)

125cc Eastern Regional Points Standings:

  1. Grant Langston (143/3 wins)
  2. Josh Hansen (143/2 wins)
  3. Davi Millsaps (137/2 wins)
  4. Steve Boniface (97)
  5. Kelly Smith (96)
  6. Troy Adams (78)
  7. Matt Walker (77)
  8. Josh Grant (71)
  9. Joaquim Rodrigues (65)
  10. Brock Sellards (64)

THQ/AMA 250cc Supercross Points Standings:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (305/7 wins)
  2. Chad Reed (277/4 wins)
  3. Kevin Windham (224/1 win)
  4. Mike LaRocco (213)
  5. David Vuillemin (196)
  6. Ernesto Fonseca (171)
  7. Sebastien Tortelli (164)
  8. Heath Voss (122)
  9. Tyler Evans (106)
  10. Michael Byrne (103)