TWMX Race Report: Red Bud ’05

New faces…

On Independence Day weekend at the famed Red Bud Track ¿n¿ Trail, although there were familiar faces at front in the overall tally, there was still plenty to talk about in terms of new blood. Kevin Windham went head-to-head to top James Stewart for second in the 250cc class, and Ryan Mills ¿ who had never even earned an overall podium ¿ not only finished on the podium, but won his first 125cc moto in the process.

125cc Moto One

Grant Langston grabbed the moto-one holeshot over teammate Ivan Tedesco, with Mike Alessi, Andrew Short, Josh Grant and Ryan Mills in tow. For the first few laps, Langston led the way with Tedesco getting pressure from Alessi, but soon Alessi made the move past the 125cc West champ and gave chase to Langston. However, Langston would have none of it, and despite Alessi¿s gallant effort, staying within a few bikelengths of Langston to the finish. Langston took the win over Alessi, the late-surging Short and Grant, Tedesco and Mills, who inherited sixth late in the race when Ryan Hughes dropped out. Points leader Mike Brown finished 10th.

250cc Moto One

Chad Reed got the jump in moto one, just in front of the two-stroke of James Stewart, Ernesto Fonseca, David Vuillemin, Ricky Carmichael and Kevin Windham. Carmichael got by Vuillemin and Fonseca on the first go-around. On lap two, Reed¿s chain derailed with Stewart right on his tail, and the two came together as Reed almost fell. Carmichael went by Stewart in the bobble, and Reed walked back to the pits in disgust. From there, Carmichael took off, leading Stewart home to the checkered flag in front of Windham, Vuillemin and Fonseca.

125cc Moto Two

Mills got out front to start the second moto, just in front of his phenom teammate Alessi, Short, Langston, Brown and Tedesco. With all of the players up front, the surprise was that Alessi wasn¿t gaining any ground on Mills, and those two were actually pulling away from Short, Langston and company. At around halfway, Alessi made big mistake on a rutted jump and went off the track. He quickly recovered, but rejoined the race third with Langston right on his rear wheel. Langston made short work of the youngster, and set out after Short. Short held Langston off until halfway through the last lap, when Langston finally went by in a sweeper for second. Langston’s 1-2 score was good enough for the win, with Mills second overall with a 6-1 and Short third with a consistent 3-3. Alessi ended up fourth overall with a 2-7, just in front of Josh Grant with a 4-6.

250cc Moto Two

Carmichael got the start in moto two, and that was basically that. He took off and won going away. The action was behind him. Stewart sat second right off the bat with Windham breathing down his neck within a couple laps. The two went back and fourth for a handful of laps, with Stewart maintaining the position. On lap five, Windham attempted to jump by Stewart heading into a right-hander, but Stewart maintained the inside and their lines came together, with Windham getting pushed over the inside berm and going down. The crowd in the area began booing Bubba and cheering Windham, and within only three laps, Windham had caught Stewart. Stewart seemed to blatantly let Windham by and settle for third. Windham took second, and the 3-2 was good for second overall, while Stewart¿s 2-3 earned him third. Reed finished fourth in the second moto, but Vuillemin was fourth overall, with Fonseca fifth and Nick Wey sixth, just in front of Travis Preston, John Dowd, Michael Byrne and Reed.

125cc O/A Results:

  1. Grant Langston (Kaw, 1-2)
  2. Ryan Mills (KTM, 6-1)
  3. Andrew Short (Hon, 3-3)
  4. Mike Alessi (KTM, 2-7)
  5. Josh Grant (Hon, 4-6)
  6. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw, 5-5)
  7. Mike Brown (Hon, 10-4)
  8. Nathan Ramsey (KTM, 9-8)
  9. Danny Smith (Yam, 8-12)<
  10. Matt Walker (Kaw, 12-9)

250cc O/A Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (Suz, 1-1)
  2. Kevin Windham (Hon, 3-2)
  3. James Stewart (Kaw, 2-3)
  4. David Vuillemin (Yam, 4-6)
  5. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon, 5-5)
  6. Nick Wey (Hon, 6-7)
  7. Travis Preston (Hon, 7-9)
  8. John Dowd (Suz, 9-8)
  9. Michael Byrne (Kaw, 8-10)
  10. Chad Reed (Yam, DNF-4)

125cc National Points Standings:

  1. Mike Brown (193/1 win)
  2. Ivan Tedesco (169)
  3. Grant Langston (163/3 wins)
  4. Josh Grant (158)
  5. Mike Alessi (157/1 win)
  6. Davi Millsaps (111)
  7. Andrew Short (105)
  8. Broc Hepler (103)
  9. Ryan Hughes (103)
  10. Matt Walker (103)

250cc National Points Standings:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (247/5 wins)
  2. Chad Reed (178)
  3. Kevin Windham (176)
  4. David Vuillemin (148)
  5. Ernesto Fonseca (143)
  6. James Stewart (118*)
  7. John Dowd (118)
  8. Travis Preston (117)
  9. Michael Byrne (93*)
  10. Juss Laansoo (85)

*Includes 25-point penalty