TWMX Race Report: San Diego

If you talked to nearly any mechanic on Saturday morning, the chatter was that it was going to rain. While they were all keeping an eye on the skies above (and the 60% chance of precipitation), a quick poll among the factory wrenches showed that they weren’t really that worried about it…unless it got to the point where there was standing water on the track. That’s when they’d have to start worrying about changing disc brake rotors, tires, and dialing in their waterproofing.

The track itself probably could have handled it. New dirt was brought in this year, and the red sandy material offered a looser cornering surface than in the past. The track also featured an odd drop immediately after the gate, a seriously gnarly whoop section (that bit Ernesto Fonseca during practice and caused him to miss the race), and an unusual ascending whoop section.

Unfortunately, before the night show started, word quickly made its way through the pits that Jason Ciarletta, a 19-year-old 125cc rider, had crashed in his qualifier and had been declared dead at a local hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

125cc Heats

One of Mototalk’s favorites, Daniel Blair, holeshot the first 125cc moto, and he was psyched…pumping his fist over one of the triples early in the heat. While he was eventually gobbled up by several better-known riders, he did score an easy transfer to the main. Stephane Roncada scored another win…his fourth of the season.


Ivan Tedesco took the other 125cc heat, ahead of Nate Ramsey.


250cc Heats

In the first 250cc heat, Mike Brown got the early jump, followed by David Vuillemin. Once DV was able to get around Mike (who has looked a lot better the last couple weeks), he pulled out to an easy lead, and on the last lap he pulled a nice Evel-style wheelie down one of the jump-free straights, standing on the seat.


The other two-fitty heat provided a bit more drama. Sure, K-Dub won another one, but mechanical difficulties parked Chad Reed early in the heat. Once back in the pits, everyone around the Yamaha truck pitched in to make quick work of an engine change. Meanwhile, out on the track, K-Dub was cruising, followed home in second by Michael Byrne, who put in his best heat race result since returning from shoulder surgery.


125cc Main

Greg Schnell grabbed another holeshot on his CRF250R, along with a $1,000 check provided by the crispety, crunchetty…ah, never mind. He was quickly dispatched by Stephane Roncada, who went to work building a decent-sized lead over Nate Ramsey and Chris Gosselaar. If Ivan Tedesco thought he silenced his critics by starting around fourth last week, before moving to the lead, he really put the hurt on them this week, starting around tenth before moving to the lead halfway through the main event. Quite simply, Tedesco is putting a Bubba-style whooping on the rest of the 125cc West riders, taking his fourth straight main event. Roncada eventually finished fourth, after being passed by Nate Ramsey and Travis Preston.


125cc Main Event Results

  1. Ivan Tedesco
  2. Nate Ramsey
  3. Travis Preston
  4. Stephane Roncada
  5. Chris Gosselaar
  6. Akira Narita
  7. Troy Adams
  8. Brock Sellards
  9. Steve Boniface
  10. Josh Summey
  11. Ryan Morais
  12. Joaquim Rodrigues
  13. Andrew Short
  14. Greg Schnell
  15. Erick Nye
  16. Adam Mennenga
  17. Michael Young
  18. Josh Hansen
  19. Jonathan Shimp
  20. Daniel Blair
  21. Michael Sleeter
  22. Stephan Demartis

250cc Main

In the 250cc main, Chad Reed and Kevin Windham put on a two-man riding clinic for about the first 16 laps, trading the llead, in a most gentlemanly fashion. DV also got a good start, but got passed by Damon Huffman. It took DV a few laps to get around Huffy, and by the time he did, the lead duo were gone.


Whether it was Reed up front (at the beginning and end), or Windham (through the whole middle section of the main), they were never much further apart than this…until Reed broke free with a few laps to go. It was a definite heavyweight slugfest, but it was squeaky-clean racing. Afterward the checkered flag, even though they shook hands, they weren’t awarded any bonus points for good sportsmanship.


250cc Main Event Results

  1. Chad Reed
  2. Kevin Windham
  3. David Vuillemin
  4. Michael Byrne
  5. Mike LaRocco
  6. Grant Langston
  7. Nick Wey
  8. Damon Huffman
  9. Erick Vallejo
  10. Keith Johnson
  11. Ryan Clark
  12. Joe Oehlhof
  13. Heath Voss
  14. Clark Stiles
  15. Robbie Reynard
  16. James Povolny
  17. Tyler Evans
  18. Hans Neel
  19. Mike Brown
  20. Ezra Lusk

Next week it’s back to Anaheim, for the third and final trip to the Big A for this season.