TWMX Race Report: Southwick ’04

Guess who!

Wow, who¿d have guessed that the big winners this weekend at the Southwick MX National would¿ve been James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael? Well, pretty much everybody. But it was actually a milestone for both riders, as it was Stewart¿s first overall win at Southwick (he has now won at all 12 National tracks on the tour), and it was Carmichael¿s 99th AMA National victory and his fifth consecutive 250cc win at Southwick, beating mentor Jeff Stanton¿s record of four in a row from 1989 until 1992.

125cc Moto One

Amsoil/Chaparral Honda¿s Chris Gosselaar grabbed a big holeshot to start the first 125cc National moto over Team Honda¿s Nathan Ramsey and Pro Circuit Kawasaki¿s Stephane Roncada. Ramsey moved into the lead about the time that Roncada¿s super-fast KX250F gave up the ghost and left RonRon to watch enthusiastically from the sidelines.


Then came Chevy Trucks Kawasaki¿s Stewart, who sliced through the pack in classic style before moving past on lap two (of 18). From there, he just pulled away, eventually winning by just short of 40 seconds over Ramsey and a charging Mike Brown of Yamaha of Troy¿s race team.


250cc Moto One

The first 250cc moto can be summed up in one word: Carmichael. Ricky Carmichael grabbed the start and left, eventually lapping sixth place before slowing the last couple of laps and finishing out the moto 28 seconds over Team Yamaha¿s Chad Reed, who had another 33 seconds on Amsoil/Chaparral Honda¿s Kevin Windham.


125cc Moto Two

Yet another Amsoil/Chaparral Honda CRF250R grabbed the second-moto holeshot, only this time it was replacement hero Greg Schnell out front early over Ramsey and another Pro Circuit Kawasaki ¿ this time Matt Walker. Bubba rounded lap one ninth, lap two seventh, lap three fourth, then third, and he was leading partway through lap four, and that was it. Schnell went from first to fourth in one lap, allowing Stewart, Ramsey and Brown by.


Stewart wasn¿t seen again, as he sped off to win moto two by over 31 seconds over Brown who chased down Ramsey about halfway through the moto. Ramsey hung on for third.


Stewart¿s 1-1 topped the 3-2 of Brown and the 2-3 of Nathan Ramsey overall.

250cc Moto Two

Carmichael provided another yawner in the second 250cc moto, grabbing the holeshot over Reed and Suzuki¿s Sean Hamblin, and that was all it took. RC was gone, on his way to his unprecedented 99th career AMA National victory. Windham worked his way through from a mediocre start to chase down Hamblin for third, while the Suzuki rider hung on for fourth in the moto, and overall.


This time, though, Carmichael only managed to lap up 10th place, although his lead of 33 seconds over Reed.


125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Mike Brown, 3-2
  3. Nathan Ramsey, 2-3
  4. Ivan Tedesco, 5-4
  5. Ryan Hughes, 6-5
  6. Danny Smith, 7-6
  7. Kelly Smith, 10-8
  8. Josh Grant, 9-9
  9. Greg Schnell, 12-7
  10. Brett Metcalfe, 8-13

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Chad Reed, 2-2
  3. Kevin Windham, 3-3
  4. Sean Hamblin, 6-4
  5. Timmy Ferry, 4-9
  6. Kyle Lewis, 8-5
  7. Michael Byrne, 7-7
  8. Heath Voss, 10-10
  9. Ernesto Fonseca, 15-8
  10. Joaquim Rodrigues, 11-12