TWMX Race Report: Southwick ’05

Expect the Unexpected…

Coming into Southwick, if you were to put money on Ricky Carmichael losing his first moto since 2003, or the still-tender Grant Langston grabbing the win in the highly competitive 250F class, you would have gotten some very high-paying odds.

And, amazingly, you would’ve won on both accounts.

125cc Moto One

Mike Alessi has been referred to as the greatest starter many people have ever seen, and with good reason. In the first moto, Alessi grabbed a characteristic holeshot, followed closely by Ivan Tedesco, Ryan Mills, Josh Grant, Tommy Hahn, Grant Langston, Mike Brown, Billy Laninovich, Ryan Hughes and National first-timer Jason Lawrence. Tedesco gave Alessi fits for quite a few laps, and then after giving it seemingly one last go, Tedesco fell behind. Alessi pulled away for the moto win, eventually winning by 11 seconds, as Tedesco fell into the grasp of the pack, including teammate Langston, who passed Tedesco for second with only three laps to go. Brown followed likewise into third, while Tedesco finished fourth, Hahn fifth, Hepler sixth, Lawrence seventh and Hughes eighth.

250cc Moto One

Kevin Windham grabbed the moto-one holeshot in the Southwick sand, with Chad Reed, John Dowd, Carmichael and James Stewart in tow. Carmichael made quick work of the three riders in front of him and moved into the lead by the end of the second circuit. Stewart moved into third behind Reed and Carmichael on lap three, then on lap four, RC went down. When he got up, he attempted to start his RM-Z450 while in gear and couldn’t, then he put it in neutral and it started right up, but he had lost valuable time, remounting sixth, and way behind the front four of Reed, Stewart, Windham and Dowd. On lap nine of 18, Stewart pulled out of the race, citing dizziness as the cause. Carmichael moved into second on lap 10, moving around Windham for the spot, but he was nearly 30 seconds behind Reed by that point. It was simply too much ground to make up, and Reed took his first-ever 250cc National moto win by 16 seconds, ending RC’s win streak at 31 motos in a row. Carmichael finished second, while Dowd found a way around Windham for third. Windham and David Vuillemin rounded out the top five, while local hero Doug Henry was the top two-stroke in sixth.

125cc Moto Two

Laninovich and Alessi shared the moto-two holeshot, and Laninovich emerged from the following section with the lead, while Alessi sat sixth behind Tedesco in second, Langston in third, Danny Smith in fourth and Brown in fifth. Alessi and Brown both moved around Smith on the following lap, and then on lap three, Alessi didn’t come around. The rookie eventually emerged riding slowly with one arm, pulled off the track and dropped out for the day. In the meantime, Langston went around Laninovich and began chasing down his teammate Tedesco. It took Langston quite some time to chase him down, and then even longer to make a pass stick, but on lap 10 of 17, he finally made it by Tedesco, and from there, the moto was over. Langston took the win by about 10 seconds over the late-race rush of Ryan Hughes, Josh Grant, Mike Brown and Tedesco, and with the second-moto win came the overall — his second of the season. So far, Langston has finished two races, and won them both.

250cc Moto Two

The other local hero, Dowd, got the holeshot to start the second and final moto, followed by Reed, Windham, Carmichael and Jeff Dement. Reed moved into the lead on lap two, and Carmichael moved around all of them and into the lead on lap four. From there, it was a runaway, as Carmichael won by over 30 seconds over Reed, which earned the champ the overall. Dowd, at 39 years of age, rounded the top three both in the moto and overall, while Windham finished fourth, Nick Wey finished fifth and Doug Henry finished sixth yet again.

125cc O/A Results:

  1. Grant Langston (Kaw, 2-1)
  2. Mike Brown (Hon, 3-4)

  3. Ryan Hughes (Hon, 8-2)
  4. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw, 4-5)
  5. Josh Grant (Hon, 9-3)
  6. Tommy Hahn (Hon, 5-7)
  7. Mike Alessi (KTM, 1-DNF)
  8. Matt Walker (Kaw, 10-8)
  9. Broc Hepler (Suz, 6-12)
  10. Danny Smith (Yam, 12-10)

250cc O/A Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (Suz, 2-1)
  2. Chad Reed (Yam, 1-2)
  3. John Dowd (Suz, 3-3)
  4. Kevin Windham (Hon, 4-4)
  5. Doug Henry (Yam, 6-6)
  6. Nick Wey (Hon, 8-5)
  7. Travis Preston (Hon, 9-7)
  8. Ernesto Fonseca (Hon, 7-11)
  9. Ryan Clark (Hon, 13-9)
  10. Juss Laansoo (Hon, 10-12)

125cc National Points Standings:

  1. Mike Brown (119)
  2. Grant Langston (94/2 wins)
  3. Mike Alessi (93/1 win)
  4. Ivan Tedesco (93)
  5. Broc Hepler (86)
  6. Ryan Hughes (82)
  7. Josh Grant (82)
  8. Davi Millsaps (65)
  9. Danny Smith (59)
  10. Paul Carpenter (57)

250cc National Points Standings:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (147/3 wins)
  2. Chad Reed (118)
  3. Kevin Windham (98)
  4. David Vuillemin (88)
  5. Ernesto Fonseca (79)
  6. John Dowd (74)
  7. Travis Preston (71)
  8. Michael Byrne (67)
  9. James Stewart (59)
  10. Juss Laansoo (57)