TWMX Race Report: THQ World Supercross GP, Round Two; Arnhem, Holland

The Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland, was the site for round two of the THQ World Supercross GP, and provided a much more Supercross-style experience than the previous week’s Super-Mud-O-Cross in Seville. Spain. There was even an extra day of practice on Thursday…a luxury that didn’t happen at all the previous week.

Rich Winkler from Dirt Wurx felt that the dirt used for the track was in even better shape than it was for last year’s event. Apparently it was comparable to the dirt in Houston, which is the gold standard for U.S. SX dirt.

Other differences from last week included a full slate of 125cc races (consisting of Euro riders), full-length heats, and a full program including heats, semis and mains. Last week’s heats and mains were considerably shorter than normal, and the semis were eliminated completely.

250cc Heat One

Team Subway’s Clark Stiles nailed the holeshot, followed by Isaiah Johnson. After a bit, Isaiah passed for the lead, with Stiles sitting in second ahead of Yamaha of Troy’s Mike Brown (who was back on a YZ250 after racing Kelly Smith’s YZ450 in Seville), and Mach 1’s Heath Voss.

Stiles was later passed for the lead by Brown, and dropped to sixth place. Heath Voss (who was also on a YZ250 this week) was now in second, followed by Keith Johnson. After a block pass by Voss on Brown, Heath took over second spot, and took off after Isaiah Johnson. Voss caught and pressured Isaiah before taking over the lead.

KTM’s Grant Langston was in sixth, trying to get by Jeff Gibson, who was holding down the fourth and final transfer spot.

Meanwhile, back up front, Voss was holding his lead over Isaiah Johnson. Unfortunately, Isaiah crashed and broke a pair of handlebars when he landed.

At the finish, it was Heath Voss over Mike Brown, followed by Star Racing’s Keith Johnson, and Jeff Gibson. Langston missed a transfer spot and went to the semi.

250cc Heat Two

This race featured the two fastest riders in timed practice, Honda’s Ernesto Fonseca and’s Andrew Short. Fonzy grabbed the holeshot, followed by last week’s winner, Daryl Hurley; and Team MotoSport Outlet’s Craig Anderson. Ernesto quickly pulled a lead and disappeared, Meanwhile, Ando pressured Hurley and went by.

Andrew Short didn’t get a great start and was in seventh (or worse), but rapidly worked his way past Pierrick Paget, Hurley, and Anderson.

At the finish, it was Fonseca taking the win, followed by Short, Anderson, and Hurley.

250cc Semi One

Jason Thomas took the win, followed by Grant Langston, Doug Dehaan, Isaiah Johnson, and Ryan Clark. Cheyne Boyd just missed out, and has to go to the LCQ.

250cc Semi Two

This one belonged to Damon Huffman. Huff-daddy beat out Steve Boniface, Aussie Jay Marmont, Joe Oehlhof, and Greg Schnell.

250cc LCQ

The holeshot in this one went to Damien Plotts, who was followed by Cheyne Boyd and Tyler Evans.

Boyd and Evans both worked their way past Plotts, and into the two transfer spots.

125 Main

Belgian Steve Seronval holeshot the main on a Honda CR250F, and took the win over Ken De Dijcker, and Rob Van Vijfeijken. Gesundheit.

250 Main

Jay Marmont holeshot, but Ernesto Fonseca put his CR250R into a lead that he never gave up. Behind him was Mike Brown and Damon Huffman, while Andrew Short was sixth, while the second and third place finishers from last week, Grant Langston and Tyler Evans were in seventh and eighth, respectively.

After some pressure, Huffman pushed his way past Brown, and into second. A couple laps later, Andrew Short worked his way past Mike Brown and into third.

Tyler Evans also worked his way past Mike Brown, and after catching Andrew Short, Evans moved into third, clearing a quad jump line that a few riders were using.

Just pastt the halfway point, Andrew Short got aggressive and muscled his way past Tyler Evans, and back into third. With Fonseca out front, Huffman in second, and Short in third, the top three remained the same for the rest of the main.

Behind the lead trio, Grant Langston was in fourth, and was followed by Heath Voss, Mike Brown and last year’s top privateer, Keith Johnson. Keith later went by both Brown, and Voss, locking up fifth place at the end.

Grant Langston has now taken over the lead in the THQ World Supercross GP points.

250cc Main Results

  1. Ernesto Fonseca
  2. Damon Huffman
  3. Andrew Short
  4. Grant Langston
  5. Keith Johnson
  6. Jay Marmont
  7. Tyler Evans
  8. Heath Voss
  9. Greg Schnell
  10. Doug Dehaan
  11. Mike Brown
  12. Steve Boniface
  13. Daryl Hurley
  14. Craig Anderson
  15. Isaiah Johnson
  16. Jason Thomas
  17. Jeff Gibson
  18. Joe Oehlhof
  19. Ryan Clark
  20. Cheyne Boyd