TWMX Race Report: Unadilla ’04

The domination resumes…

Ricky Carmichael¿s prospective second perfect season is officially half over, as he dominated both motos once again today at Unadilla in New Berlin, New York. He started at or near the front of both motos and took off in typical RC fashion ¿ although, both times out, he was chased rather valiantly by Chad Reed for quite some time before Reed eventually lost contact.

James Stewart¿s reign over the 125cc class also resumed at Unadilla. He ran away in both motos once again.

125cc Moto One

Pro Circuit¿s Matt Walker grabbed the moto-one holeshot over his teammate Stephane Roncada, YoT¿s Danny Smith, Suzuki¿s Davi Millsaps and PC¿s Ivan Tedesco. Stewart narrowly avoided a first-turn pileup that included heavy hitters Ryan Mills, Chris Gosselaar, Mike Brown, Broc Hepler and Brian Gray. Still, even with a horrid start, Stewart rounded lap one in seventh, right behind top rookie Bryan Johnson.


Roncada took the lead from his teammate on lap two, and by lap three, Stewart was on his tail. Visions of Hangtown danced in the heads of many in attendance, but instead, Stewart went by Roncada on lap five. When RonRon fought back, he temporarily passed Stewart, only to catch his foot in the dirt on a rutted uphill and severely twist his left knee. He eventually dropped out of the race. Stewart, on the other hand, raced on to a 46-second lead over eventual runner-up Millsaps, with Walker in third, Ryan Hughes fourth, Danny Smith fifth and Kelly Smith holding off Josh Grant for sixth.


250cc Moto One

Carmichael led the first moto from start to finish over Yamaha¿s Reed. It was a largely processional affair that Carmichael ended up topping by nearly 20 seconds, with the only progress on the track being made by Kevin Windham, who started around 30th, rounded the first lap in 15th, and ended up sixth at the finish.


Sebastien Tortelli worked his way around early third-place man Michael Byrne to take that spot at the finish over Byrne and David Vuillemin.


125cc Moto Two

Stewart very nearly grabbed the holeshot at the start of the second moto, but that went to Hepler. By the end of lap one, however, Stewart was out front and running. Hepler ran second until Walker took him down on lap 4. Hepler would eventually finish fourth in the moto. Millsaps started fifth, but he made quick work of Brown, got by Hepler when he fell, and passed Walker for second on lap 7.


Millsaps had the runner-up overall result wrapped up for the second race in a row, although this time with much more impressive 2-2 scores, but his RM-Z250 gave up the ghost on the last lap, spewing smoke from underneath the engine. This handed Walker the runner-up spot with a 3-2 score over Kelly Smith, whose 6-5 was good enough for third. Brown rounded out the top three in the moto.



Stewart¿s moto-win streak is officially a streak again, as he has two now (this one coming by a mere 34 seconds at the finish) and he leads the points standings comfortably, by 51 over Brown.

250cc Moto Two

Moto two was nearly identical to moto one, in that Carmichael led every lap. However, Reed actually had the holeshot, only to lose the spot before the end of lap one. Carmichael raced away to yet another dominant victory, by almost 25 seconds. Reed kept him honest for quite a while before he began to lose touch with the fleeting red rider.


On lap 7 of 16, Windham made his way around Reed after a much better start, but by then Carmichael was gone. Windham took second in the moto, while that spot overall went to Reed. In only his second try, Tortelli put the Suzuki RM250 up on the podium for the first time this year. It was also the first podium for a two-stroke in the 250cc class this year.


125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Matt Walker, 3-2
  3. Kelly Smith, 6-5
  4. Mike Brown, 11-3
  5. Josh Grant, 7-6
  6. Ryan Hughes, 4-10
  7. Broc Hepler, 12-4
  8. Ryan Mills, 9-7
  9. Davi Millsaps, 2-19
  10. Nathan Ramsey, 8-15

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Chad Reed, 2-3
  3. Sebastien Tortelli, 3-4
  4. Kevin Windham, 6-2
  5. Michael Byrne, 4-5
  6. David Vuillemin, 5-8
  7. Heath Voss, 8-7
  8. Nick Wey, 10-6
  9. Kyle Lewis, 9-12
  10. Ryan Clark, 14-11