TWMX Race Report: U.S. Open ’04, Night 2

The Prelude…

The Friday-night and Saturday-night versions of the US Open featured the same Chad Reed, but two different Ricky Carmichaels. Friday night, RC had nothing for Chad Reed. Reedy could pull away whenever he wanted to, and RC was obviously frustrated. However, after the race Friday night, Carmichael was confident that he could improve for Saturday, and most definitely for Anaheim I. He was right.

85cc Invitational

Suzuki’s Dominic Izzi was on a whole other level in the 85cc Invitational, winning both motos on Saturday, and all four motos overall, with apparent ease. He never got a holeshot all weekend, but he always led the most laps of the races.

On Saturday, both holeshots went to KTM-mounted Taylor Futrell, but it wasn’t long before he gave way to Izzi.

The scary thing is that Izzi is technically eligible to ride the 85cc Invitational at the US Open for another two years.

Pro Circuit 125cc Main

In his last ride out of the Amsoil/Chaparral/Napster Honda rig, Greg Schnell absolutely dominated Saturday night’s 125cc racing, winning his heat race and the main event going away, despite a mid-race stall. Add that to Friday night’s whipping of the field, and Schnell became the first rider since the 125cc class became a professional event to sweep the motos. Actually, last year’s winner Kelly Smith went 3-2 for the win.

With Schnell seemingly able to walk away from the field at ease, the battle was left for second between Troy Adams and Thomas Hahn. Hahn got the better of Adams on Friday for second, but the results switched on Saturday, as Adams hung on for second overall in his last ride on the WBR Kawasaki and Hahn finished third in his first major supercross event.

Alpinestars 250cc Main

Ricky Carmichael grabbed his fourth holeshot (in four tries) to start the main event on Saturday, and Chad Reed was hung up just at the tail end of the top five. Reed had just moved into second when he left the stadium behind Carmichael and then re-appeared fifth after falling outside.

By the time Reed got back into second, Carmichael was out front by 8 seconds. A few laps later, Carmichael had stretched it to about 11 seconds. Around the halfway point, Reed began to reel RC in, but just as he got the lead back down to 7 or 8 seconds, RC went down, getting up right behind Reed. Just a couple laps later, RC left the arena with a dead RM motor and his arm in the air. His night was over.

Reed raced on to the win with quite a distance on MDK Motorsports’ Nick Wey coming through for a solid second in front of Sebastien Tortelli, Ernesto Fonseca and Heath Voss.

85cc Overall Results:

  1. Dominic Izzi, 1-1-1-1
  2. Taylor Futrell, 4-3-2-3
  3. Trey Canard, 5-4-4-2
  4. Blake Wharton, 2-9-3-4
  5. PJ Larsen, 6-2-8-6
  6. Tyler Wharton, 3-5-5-10
  7. Chaz Holladay, 7-6-6-5
  8. Les Smith, 8-7-7-11
  9. Cole Seely, 10-8-9-7
  10. Benjamin Denton, 9-11-11-8

125cc Overall Results:

  1. Greg Schnell, 1-1
  2. Troy Adams, 3-2
  3. Thomas Hahn, 2-3
  4. Josh Demuth, 6-5
  5. Brett Metcalfe, 4-8
  6. Josh Summey, 5-10
  7. Michael Blose, 7-9
  8. Eric Nye, 14-6
  9. Matthieu Lalloz, 13-7
  10. Davi Millsaps, 9-12

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Chad Reed, 1-1
  2. Nick Wey, 6-2
  3. Mike LaRocco, 3-6
  4. Heath Voss, 4-5
  5. Ernesto Fonseca, 6-4
  6. Ricky Carmichael, 2-11
  7. Sebastien Tortelli, 10-3
  8. Damon Huffman, 9-7
  9. Keith R. Johnson, 12-8
  10. Kyle Lewis, 7-13