TWMX Race Report: Washougal ’04

Sweet 16…

After all of the teams drove cross-country in less than a week from Ohio to Washington, the result was the same as always: Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart both doubled up on moto wins at Washougal. For RC, it was his 15th and 16th moto wins of the year, and his 104th career AMA National win.

Stewart achieved his 24th 125cc National win, putting him just two shy of Carmichael¿s record of 26 with four rounds left in his 125cc career. At the next round in Millville, Minnesota, in two weeks, if Stewart wins, he will tie Mark Barnett for second on the list.

125cc Moto One

Moto one marked the first holeshot of the year for Chevy Trucks Kawasaki¿s Paul Carpenter, and he pulled away quickly from the pack as Stewart worked his way forward. Stewart made it past Broc Hepler into second on lap three, but it took until lap five for him to get by his teammate Carpenter.


From there, Stewart cruised to the victory, about 11 seconds in front of Hepler, who worked his way around Carpenter late in the race for second. Carpenter held on for third.


250cc Moto One

Subway Honda¿s Joe Oehlhof grabbed the lead at the start of the first moto over¿s Rusty Holland, and Holland took over the lead right away. Holland led the first lap before Chad Reed took over the lead, but that also only lasted a lap, as Carmichael made his way around in a gutsy pass that saw him abscond with a haybale cover with his clutch lever as he scrubbed over a mound of dirt.


Carmichael went on to win by just short of 30 seconds over Reed and last year¿s winner Kevin Windham.


125cc Moto Two

Amsoil/Chaparral Honda¿s Greg Schnell grabbed his third holeshot of the year in the second moto over Suzuki¿s Davi Millsaps, Honda¿s Nathan Ramsey, Pro Circuit¿s Ivan Tedesco and Suzuki¿s Andrew Short. Stewart rounded lap one 9th.


Millsaps worked around Schnell to take the lead on lap three, which he held for one lap before Stewart took over. On lap 10 of 15, Schnell found his way back around Millsaps for second and actually closed the gap on Stewart, as Bubba finished just over eight seconds ahead of Schnell, who had another few seconds on Millsaps in third, who led home his teammate Hepler and Tedesco.


Hepler¿s 2-4 was good enough for second overall, while Carpenter¿s 3-10 earned him his first podium of the year over Schnell, who went 13-2 for fourth.

250cc Moto Two

RC grabbed the moto-two holeshot over Reed and Windham, and that¿s the order in which they stayed until the conclusion of the moto. RC took the checkered flag over 40 seconds in front of Reed, who had a considerable gap over Windham in third. That¿s also the order of the overall finishers.


125cc Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart, 1-1
  2. Broc Hepler, 2-4
  3. Paul Carpenter, 3-10
  4. Greg Schnell, 13-2
  5. Ivan Tedesco, 7-5
  6. Nathan Ramsey, 6-6
  7. Davi Millsaps, 15-3
  8. Danny Smith, 8-9
  9. Troy Adams, 9-11
  10. Chris Gosselaar, 5-15

250cc Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Carmichael, 1-1
  2. Chad Reed, 2-2
  3. Kevin Windham, 3-3
  4. David Vuillemin, 4-7
  5. Sebastien Tortelli, 9-4
  6. Ernesto Fonseca, 6-6
  7. Nick Wey, 8-5
  8. Ezra Lusk, 5-8
  9. Michael Byrne, 11-9
  10. Casey Johnson, 13-10