Ever wonder what everyone else is giving as gifts this holiday season? I was stuck in a long-ass line at the mall the other night and sent this text to every motocross person in my Blackberry contact list.

“What’s the coolest gift you gave this Christmas?”

Here are the texts I got back…

“I gave my wife a nice winter jacket from her favorite store, and a big kiss, which is priceless! I’m being kinda cheap this year because we just had a big wedding!” – Brett Metcalfe

“I gave my girlfriend some pepper spray. Hopefully, she won’t use it on me!” – Derek Garland

“Well, I got RL a bicycle that I had no clue what is was. It’s a Holmes dirt next generation from the mid-90s. He’s all about bicycles so that was really cool.” – Kyle Cunningham

“$200 to the food bank. We line in the most powerful country and wealthy nation that mankind has ever seen and we can’t even feed our own people. Absurd.” – Eric Johnson, Monster Energy

“My wife and I just got married on 10/23, so my purchase for Christmas was a Tiffany and Co. Mntg clasp NL.” – Chris Honnold, O’Neal USA

“A monogrammed dog Snuggie for my brother Bret’s chihuahua Dexter.” – Garth Milan, Medium Creative Group

“I got my dad a remote electric starter for his Hummer so he can start his whip from inside the house and let it warm up. This will come in handy this winter when it is freezing out. He won’t have to run outside, start it up, and run back inside while it warms up! They already got a foot of snow back in New Jersey and I think he’ll be pumped” – Ronnie Faisst

“The coolest gift is to my sister. I am spending an extra week in Ohio to let her and her husband leave town. Our parents are in a nursing home and she needs a break.” – Michael Rigdon, Rock’s Racing Services

“I bought three new Honda CRF50s for my nephews so they could go riding with me!” – Todd Potter

“I got my dad a Garmin Forerunner 405. It is a GPS heart-rate monitor watch. He had a double bypass in May, and now he walks six to seven miles a day.” – Michael Holigan

“My dick in a box. Hahahaha!” – Jeremy Stenberg

“I gave my good buddy Chris McAvoy a year’s therapy with Dr. Phil.” – John Kuzo, Von Zipper

“I gave my girl a Coach purse.” – Ryan Sipes

“A purse for my fiancee Dani.” – Michael Byrne

“That’s easy. My son’s third birthday is three days before Christmas, so we took him to Disneyland for the first time. He was smiling ear-to-ear the whole time. It was great!” – Chuck Kober, Factory Effex

“I am giving my friend Shruggs a job to get him out of house arrest. I’m a lifesaver, people.” – Josh Hansen

“I was a bit of a Scrooge this year. Has an awesome pool built for my kids, so I only got them a giant swingset/playground. Of course they got everything else they wanted, too. I did buy Juston Brayton a PS3 so he could play as himself on the new MX vs. ATX Reflex. I also bought Jake Moss a 42 in. flat screen for the same reason.” – Steve Aldaco, Aldaco Management

“A new battery grip for my wifes D200. I’m excited because she’s been wanting it for a while.” – Tim Collins, Alpinestars

“I have given my family everything they have ever wanted over the past 16 years, so this year I gave my kids and wife my time and love.” – Larry Brooks

“A handmade 16″ wooden cross for my girlfriend.” – Mitchell Bailey

“I got my dad a muzzle loader rifle. It’s two days before Christmas and I still have a lot of shopping to do! LOL” – Drew Gosselaar

“I give my sense of humor to the world.” – Steve Matthes

“Nobody get anything because we are in a global recession.” – Travis Preston

“Oakley watches for stepdad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and wife…and myself.” – Terry Beal, DRD

“A Juicy Couture necklace for McKenzie Kuhn.” – Ricky James

“A blast while laying pipe with my wife, resulting in my son being born.” – Warren Johnson, Fox Racing

“My son’s first dirt bike. It’s an all-black Mulisha YZinger. Let it begin!” – Brian Deegan

“It seems that any gift you can give your young child is the coolest gift to them. I love watching them open presents, either big or small because they love them all.” – Ricky Carmichael

“I got my wife tickets to the Bon Jovi concert in Los Angeles.” – Chris Onstott, Fox Racing

“Rolex watches for everyone.” – Al Borda, Skin Industries
“We bought toy dirt bikes for kids who don’t have presents! It was my son Evan’s idea…he just blurted it out one morning, so we did it!” – Tim Ferry

“A brand new Kawasaki KX250F with an Alan Browne motor for Maclane ‘Hurricane’ Cramer.” – Jason Fontes, Smith

“ZooZoo Pet City for the kids. LOL. Fake hamsters!” – Nathan Ramsey

“The Keurig Platinum single cup brewing system for the folks in our office. It’s great!” – Frank Kashare, O’Neal

“A Misfits skull beanie that you can pull over your entire face like a skimask. It’s for Daryn Durham. It is so cool, that I got one for myself, too!” – Sean Borkenhagen

“When home on SUndays, we always go to church. One Sunday our pastor challenged everyone to do something for someone you don’t know, for no reason at all. So after church, I always take my kids to Dunkin Donuts. When I got to the drive through window, i paid for every single car behind me, as well. It made me feel good and my kids thought it was so cool. Now, I try to do things like that anonymously as much as I can.” – Anthony Paggio, Oakley

“I gave my buddy some bass-shaped beer coozies…They are Siiick!” – Sean Norfolk, Tag Metals

“A new dog for my daughter and a pair of Lakers tickets for Christmas Day to see Kobi and Labron and Shaq play!” – Mike Battista, MB1

“I took one of those full-sized electric Barbie jeeps and stripped it down and murdered it out all flat black for my little dude!” – Dave Casella, MSR

“My love to a 21-year-old Asian girl that I met on” – Ryan Leyba, EPSN

“I’m giving my mum a fresh pair of Nikes to go walking, and also a nice purse.” – Dean Wilson

“I got my 6 month old son Vincent turn tables and a PW50.” – Nick Wey

“Well I gave a candle to my friend Jeff. When you light it, it’s supposed to bring money your way. But before he got it, someone stole it from under the tree! WTF!” – Launi DiMaggio, Hairy Situation Salon

“A Carbon Trek mountain bike for my husband Derek.” – Mercedes Natvig

“The coolest gift is my son’s new KTM 50SX. Also, my wife got me new tank tracks for the Bobcat. It is Supercross season!” – Glen Lavins, Cycra

“I got my whole family some Joe Gibbs Racing clothes so they can be decked out at the races. I also got my mom a nice watch.” – Justin Brayton

“I gave a mechanic a job! haha!” – Michael Young

“A TTR110 for my boy!” – AJ Waggoner, Service Honda

“Money to help get my sister’s towed car out of car jail! While we were in NYC her car got towed. Haha.” – Donnie Emler, FMF

“I got everyone in my family a carton of smokes and some lottery tickets.” – Josh Hill

“I sent all of my employees a cool Christmas card, written individually for each of them with a little something inside.” – Chad Reed

“I gave my grandma the new issue of TransWorld MOtocross. She loves seeing my name on all the pages! Haha!” – Chris Tedesco

“I gave my pops a $500 credit at AEO, a moto shop in Glendale, Arizona. Playa playa! He’s pumped!” – Nate Adams

“We all went on a trip to Alaska for grandma.” – Troy Adamitis, The Great Outdoors

“I gave my mom and dad an FMF exhaust for their Polaris Ranger 700. Super sweet!” – Kevin Strikwerda, Pro Taper

“I spent all my money on myself! I am going home to visit my family and it’s worth it! I also got my dog a bone that he seems pretty pumped on.” – Kristy LaCurelle, KTM

“Some Enjoy graphics for my dad’s new bike that my brother bought him for Christmas.” – Jon Cantrell, Sullen

“A train table set for my three-year-old son. That thing is bad ass!” – Luc “Frenchie” Caoette, C4 Racing

“I gave my sister a sweet cone pipe for her Maico.” – Jeremy Hoyer

“I’m getting your webmaster Chris a new pair of “grape smugglers!” – Vicki Golden

“LOL. It’s nothing much. I got both of my brothers some new watches.” – Ryan Dungey

“I’m getting my parents a wine fridge, but what they really need is a wine cellar. They’re winos!” – Andy Bakken

“A full blown, decked out Pabst Blue Ribbon beach cruiser for my lady! She had no idea. hahaha!” – Dano Legere, DVS

“I proposed to my girlfriend Mandy with a ring on Christmas Ever. I also got a Mosse fender pack for my dad. His was ripped from his bike after I ran into someone fifth-gear pinned during the Barstow to Vegas dual-sport ride.” – Chris Sackett, Bell Powersports

“I gave a YZ250F frame to my friend Kaz. It’s a big Christmas gift.” – Masa Ito, J-Law Racing

“A silver Mercedes G500 for my wife Gina. She’s been GOOD!” – Doug Dubach

“My upmost love and devotion to all who will receive it and a cooked goose for Scrooge!” – Trey Canard

“I have been letting one of my close friends ride one of my old Honda CRF450Rs for the last year and it’s a good bike and he really likes it. So I am gonna give him the pink slip.” – Blake Wharton

“My wife and I raised and donated over $5000.00 to the March of Dimes to honor a close friend’s baby.” – Timmy Weigand

“Haha well I have not even started shopping yet, but I plan to on Christmas Eve! I am going to buy a purse for my girlfriend, but I am not sure what kind yet.” – Tyler Keefe

“Um I got some clothes and some stuff at Tiffany and Co. for my girlfriend Kristin, but the best thing was a Razor moped.” – Ryan Villopoto

“I gave Michael Byrne a gear contract!” – Roger Larsen, Answer Racing

“I gave my son a train table.It keeps him busy for hours!” – Jason McCune, Leatt Brace

“The Grill Daddy bbq steam brush cleaner. The shit’s so legit!” – Rob Salcedo, Shift MX

“I gave Jeremy a picture of him and I on the line next to each other at A Day in the Dirt. Starting next to The King was crazy, then to be in front of him for a corner was surreal!” – Victor Sheldon, Thor MX

“It’s cool to me but might not matter to my kids, but I got my kids the new limited edition, numbered TLD Hot Wheels cars that match their birthdays. Just one of the perks of working at Troy Lee Designs.” – Sean Thomas, Troy Lee Designs

“I’m giving David Knight a big cookbook with pictures of every dish in it, so he doesn’t have to eat beans on toast when I am not there.” – Tarah Gieger

“I bought my mom a mountain bike. haha” – Justin Barcia

“Being able to spend Christmas with my parents is a gift! And just being able to get them presents is awesome!” – Wil Hahn

“I got two for ya! My mom, sister, and I all pitched in to get my dad a nice watch. Their house got broken into last year and they stole his Seiko! Also, this year I got my wife Jacki a Nikon D90 camera so she can get a second job at TransWorld MX and take unbelievable pictures of Emma. Merry Christmas!” – Andrew Short

“I’m giving myself a new Honda CRF450R. Screw everybody else!” – Ryan Hagy

“Diamonds. Lots of diamonds…for the wife.” – Nico Izzi

“Hahahaha! I got a skateboard for my bulldog Turbo, so he can shred on it!” – Ashley Fiolek

“I got my dad a newer Suzuki RM250 two-stroke. He loves riding in the winter with me using studs in the winter. Hope everyone has a good Christmas!” – Broc Hepler

“A Coach purse for my wife.” – Mike Sleeter

“I bought my dad a new bike, a Yamaha YZ450F. And he had no idea! Haha!” – Destin Cantrell

“A Honda CRF150R for my son Alek!” – Erik Kehoe