TWMX Trick Report: X-Games Moto-X Best Trick ’04

Body Varial!

If you debut a trick in Big Air, you pretty much get the gold every time. When Texas¿ Chuck Carothers threw down the first-ever 360 body varial, he knew chances were good that he had just won his first X-Games medal ¿ and a gold one at that.


Actually, he was so confident, that in the final round, he just did a victory lap, throwing an old-school one-hander off the jump, even though Travis Pastrana, among others, had yet to make his final pass.

The trick of the night was the 360 backflip, which Brian Deegan, Pastrana (with a one-handed variable thrown in) and Nate Adams all pulled off to perfection. The trick earned Adams second place for the second year in a row, while Pastrana earned a close third after pulling a Superman seat grab Indian-air backflip in his final pass.





Deegan earned fourth with his 360 backflip (or off-axis backflip, as it¿s also being referred to as), and Jeff Kargola earned fifth with a Superman seat grab backflip.

Moto-X Best Trick

  1. Chuck Carothers, 93.20
  2. Nate Adams, 91.60
  3. Travis Pastrana, 91.20
  4. Brian Deegan, 88.20
  5. Jeff ¿Ox¿ Kargola, 87.80
  6. Jeremy Stenberg, 87.40
  7. Ronnie Faisst, 84.00
  8. Niki Danielsos, 83.60
  9. Mike Metzger, 81.40
  10. Kenny Bartram, 81.40