TWMX/Toyota Trucks Pick the Podium Contest Winners: Red Bud

Here are the TWMX/Toyota Trucks Pick the Podium contestants that correctly picked the Villopoto-Townley-Grant podium at Red Bud:

  • Adam Star, Ponca, NE
  • Brandt Locey, Camarillo CA
  • Casey Wood, Mishawaka, IN
  • Chad Groeber, Southampton, MA
  • Chris Minke, Pinckney MI
  • Chuck Morrow, El Cajon, CA
  • Corey Searle, Riverside, CA
  • David Machorro Holtzheimer, Mexico
  • Dustin Martin, San Diego, CA
  • Elliott Cuthrell, Interlochen, MI
  • Jake Twenge, Newberg, OR
  • Jason Larsen, Logan, UT
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Justin Crider, Fairfield, PA
  • Kevin Merhar
  • Luiz Fernando dos Santos Junior
  • Marlene Prince, Byron, MN
  • Matthew Miller, Mechanicsville, MD
  • Mike Stoddard, Middleboro, MA
  • Mitch Mooney, Whitman, MA
  • Nick Rosynek, Midlothian IL
  • Patrick Killilea
  • Randy Carpenter, Somis
  • Ryan Dirks, McPherson, KS
  • Scott Carter, Blue Grass Iowa
  • TJ Sims, Texas

Don’t forget to send in your picks for Unadilla. If you don’t already know, here’s a quick reminder of how the contest works…

STEP ONE: Pick The Podium

To win, you have to predict the top three OVERALL Lites class finishers (in order).

STEP TWO: Send Us Your Selections

Once you’ve picked your top-three Lites class riders for this week’s race, send your list — along with your name and address — to Remember to send a new batch of picks for each week’s race. Selections must be received by midnight on Friday.

Be sure to read all the legal jargon in our terms of service before sending in your picks.

STEP THREE: Wait for Your Toyota Prize Pack

Check the Race Report here at on Sunday to see if you picked the Lites class overall top-three in the correct order. If you did, you will win a prize pack, courtesy of Toyota Trucks, that includes:

* O’gio/Toyota backpack
* Toyota water bottle
* Scott sunglasses
* TMX stickers
* TWMX stickers

Winners will be posted here at

That’s it, it’s that easy!