Two Fans win big with the Race Factor-SDG Speed Mini Raffle

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In what will hopefully be more to come, two lucky Fans won the Race Factor promoted Dirt Diggers-Race Factor-SDG Speed Mini raffle which supported a payout to Independent Privateers.  Each winning Fan received an SDG Speed Mini which were both upgraded with a big 12 inch front wheel (front wheel upgrade was courtesy of Race Factor), Troy Lee SE helmet, Scott goggles, Thor gloves, Aluminum bike stand, Ancra tie downs, Race Factor T-shirt, hat, and stickers.

The two lucky winners were Pat Scott out of Clearlake CA, Trevor Garcia out of Lincoln CA.  Once the noise settled after the final moto of the day, these two lucky Fans got to present checks to the Independent Privateers who registered with us and made it into the main points paying national motos.  Only the Riders who registered with us and made it into the main motos were eligible for this payout.  The presentation took place at the Race Factor booth on Vendor row.

The six Riders who received the Race Factor Privateer payout of $300.00 each were Ted Campbell, Ryan Clark, Dylan Lord, Tracy Johnson, and Bobby Garrison in the 250 class.  Also, Kyle Mace, who was the only 125 Rider who registered with us that made it into the main motos.  Dylan Lord, Kyle Mace, and Ryan Clark all gave either their autographed jerseys or equipment off of their race bikes to the winning Fans.

“We accomplished our goal of bringing the Fans and Riders together and giving the Fans something special to participate in.  “Our support crew up on the hill threw official Race Factor T-shirts to the crowd throughout the day and the crowd went nuts, but we really needed another ticket sales booth up on the hill and apologize to the Fans up there for not making it more convenient for you to participate.  “We received very positive feedback from the Fans and Riders, and we are doing everything in our control to make this happen again.     

Race Factor extends huge thanks to the six Riders who were very appreciative for what the Fans did for them, and for giving both raffle winners some signed jerseys and equipment straight off of their personal race bikes.

We would also like to thank everyone else who helped us out in any big or little way, including the Dirt Diggers, AMA Pro Racing, the announcers on Sunday, and some of the race team members. 

Most of all Race Factor thanks the Fans who were out there getting it done, buying event tickets, raffle tickets and whatever else.  The Fans really make these races possible.