Tyler Evans Hooks Up With Bloodshot Clothing Co. & Skaterade

SoCal-based hardcore clothing company and action sports beverage company sign on as Evans’ title  sponsors for 04/05 supercross and motocross campaigns

Huntington Beach , Calif., (Nov. 30, 2004) The great sport of motocross and one of its most well-known figures in and around the entire action sports community — Tyler Evans — welcomes two new sponsors to Evans’ camp: Bloodshot Clothing Co. and Skaterade.

Bloodshot, a true-to-its-roots anti-establishment ‘garage’ clothing company, is no stranger to lending a financial hand to motocrossers as it sponsored Tim Weigand during his ’04 Outdoor National season and is a longtime sponsor of Mike Healey’s motocross school. Skaterade on the other hand is believed to be the first core skateboard company laying down the dough to sponsor a professional motocross racer.

“And I couldn’t be happier, said Evans.

Evans, who first burst onto the global SX radar in 1999 – coming out of relative anonymity to score a podium finish (2 nd ) at the Las Vegas 125 East/West Shoot Out – is one of the more unique athletes in the sport. A rare commodity that can clear the gap between the SX/MX and FMX factions, Evans prides himself on staying true to his racing roots — evident in the fact he finished on the overall podium (3 rd ) in ’04 THQ/FIM World SX GP — while also being able to hang with even the burliest freestylers.

“Tyler’s a cult figure with a huge following in the action sports industry, said Salman Agah, president of Skaterade. “He’s a racer, but can also show up at an FMX event and command instant respect. The dude’s core. And he’s down with skating.

Agah explained that while Skaterade has its roots planted firmly in the skate industry, branching out to motocross was a natural progression as the high-energy drink looks to expand further throughout the action sports community.

“Motocross racers are a curiosity to those around the skate scene, said Agah,  the ’93 Thrasher Magazine “Skater of the Year and Transworld Skateboarding’s “Most Influential Skater of the Decade. “If for nothing else than how big they go — and the sacrifices they have to make to reach the top. It’s entirely similar to the skate industry.

“And Tyler personifies this curiosity.

Bloodshot Clothing Co. founder/owner Kenny Miller, himself a semi-pro motocross racer, agreed: “At the end of the Outdoor Nationals this year Bloodshot was looking to put together a team for the ’05 racing season and, when we discovered Tyler was available, we jumped at the opportunity, said Miller. “Tyler’s punk, renegade image — coupled with his ‘for real’ racing talents – made him a perfect match for Bloodshot. We consider Tyler to be a friend and look forward to working with him to inject Bloodshot Clothing Company into the minds of the consuming public.

A little bit about Skaterade: The Skaterade Beverage Company (Skaterade) is an independently owned beverage company specializing innovative beverages for skateboarders and their pals in the action sports family. Founded by legendary skater Salman Agah and Scott Weber, Skaterade offers a variety of products — including Skaterade Energy Drink — and other functional beverages. It’s motto: “JOIN THE REVOLUTION.

A little bit about Bloodshot Clothing Co.: Bloodshot began as a local Orange Co. screen printing shop/hangout for all the boyz — a place where the crew could chill, shoot pool and bench race. Printing private label products for other local SoCal brands — including Skaterade — Bloodshot’s renowned punk & cutting edge image had been developed in the process of printing other people’s collateral. The end result is a company that hasn’t compromised its hardcore roots whilst rapidly gaining mainstream notoriety.

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