UFO Makes a $50,000 Amateur Support Commitment

Waterman, IL-UFO Plastics USA announced a 2008 Amateur Sponsorship Program that may impact the way the entire industry approaches amateur support.UFO has committed to sponsoring upgraded memberships for up to 1000 amateur riders who agree to actively promote the UFO brand on MxResultz.com. “…we were one of the few big guys who agreed to run our support programs on mxresultz exclusively and we have done far better than the guys who have 3 or 4 different avenues they solicit sponsorship through…”says Dave Antolak,Head of North American Distribution for the Italian-based UFOPlast. “…the caliber of riders we get through MxResultz give us far more promotional value…..and handling it all through one source just makes my life easier” states Mark Kehm, head of support at UFO. In conjunction with the paid upgrades UFO intends to continue offer from 30%-100% off their plastic body components to the riders who do the best job in promoting the UFO brand.”….bottom line, we have seen our retail sales increase 200% since we have been involved with MXR while the rest of the industry reports a drop in sales……we credit the exposure we get from our MxResultz racers who send out thousands of Resultz a week displaying the UFO logo on them…these guys work hard for us and deserve all the support we can give them.” concludes Antolak.

Applicants must have an online resume (no cost) on mxresultz for consideration. UFO will provide successful applicants who accept sponsorship with an upgrade code they can use on the site. The upgrade will allow UFO Racers to connect with other sponsors on the site, and raise cash through the RaceRewardz program.

Racers interested in the UFO program should visit them here and click Request Sponsorship.