Update on the condition of Elizabeth Bash

There is not really a whole lot to update on, but I am pretty bored 

sitting here so I figured I would do a short one.  She was moved again 

so please see the new room information below if you are coming by or 

sending anything.  She has been getting up a couple times a day 

and walking laps (more like shuffling) around this floor, which has been 

good for everything in the healing process.  She was put on a clear 

liquid diet Saturday, but the Sunday morning enzyme levels went up a 

little and startled the doctors some I think.  The news was broke to her 

yesterday afternoon that its back to NOTHING passed the lips.  She was a 

little bumbed because she was enjoying the jello and sprite.  Throughout 

all this we are learning so much.  Yesterday she was excited to learn 

what a bowel movement is.  She has been answering yes to the nurses 

everyday until she found out the real meaning and that it isn’t passing 

gas.  We were wondering when/where all this was happening because she 

didn’t get out of bed for anything until Friday-this explained some 

things.  They just did another blood test to check the enzyme levels and 

did a CAT scan late last night.  We have been waiting all morning for 

results, but still haven’t heard about either of them.  I think this 

will be a big indication of whats next, when she can eat and when she 

can get out of this place!  On a more positive note, she is just about 

100% back to her normal self mentally and emotionally.  She is in her 

own PJ’s and out of the hospital gown and she has also graduated to 

regular showers instead of sponge baths.  All these little freedoms 

seem to really help keep her positive.  Things are definitely looking 

up and hopefully the rise in the enzyme levels was just a small bump 

that will be behind her soon. 

She would like to thank everyone again for all of the 

E-Greetings, cards, flowers, visitors, ect…

John Peter Smith Hospital

1500 South Main

Fort Worth, TX  76104

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Patient: Elizabeth Bash

Room: 513 A

Thank you,

Charles Castloo