UPDATE! Silly Season Rumor: RC on a 450 for SX?

(11/25/03) It now appears that Ricky Carmichael will skip the World SX rounds to concentrate on getting ready for the U.S. season opener at Anaheim…and that there’s a two-day test on a 450 scheduled for a track bordering on Neverland that offers more privacy than the usual Honda test facility.

(11/24/03) We got an interesting Instant Message from a good friend of ours (who will remain nameless) on Monday night. The subject was a heavy-duty rumor…that Ricky Carmichael would be racing a four-stroke 450 during the ’04 Supercross season.

After trying a to confirm or refute the rumor via a few different avenues, we had Steve Bauer call his old pal Chuck Miller, who’s a honcho at Honda Racing. According to Chuck, it probably started like this: After a team photo shoot last Friday afternoon, RC did several laps on Kevin Windham’s thumper. Since nearly all the factory test tracks are within sight of each other, by Saturday Chuck was already hearing rumors that Ricky would be racing a CRF during the SX season.

According to Chuck (who was under threat of being prime prey if we were to revive the TWMX Mullet Hunt) there’s no chance of RC being aboard a 450 thumper for the SX season.

But when we checked back with our original source, he claims that when he saw RC aboard the four-stroke, it had a low seat and low bar setup, which would seem to eliminate the idea that it was K-Dub’s bike.

And now you know why they call it the silly season…