UPMC Sports Medicine Announces Next Motocross Training Mini-Camp

July23rd event will cover training, nutrition, mental preparation and concussion management

Murrieta, Calif., (June  8, 2005) ¿ UPMC Sports Medicine is pleased to announce its second Motocross Training Mini-Camp on Saturday, July 23rd. 

UPMC Sports Medicine, a long-time sponsor of Makita Suzuki¿s Broc Hepler, is rapidly becoming the leader in sports medicine and performance services for the sport of motocross.  The sports medicine provider received rave reviews for its first motocross training mini-camp. 

The curriculum for the mini-camp will include motocross-specific training techniques, injury management and prevention, deconstructing current motocross training myths, nutrition, mental training and concussion management. 

¿I was an instructor at the first mini-camp,¿ said Hepler.  ¿It was impressive.  People definitely learned a lot.  There is a right way and a wrong way to train and manage your motocross fitness program.  UPMC has come up with a blueprint for training success.  This blueprint works for teams like the Steelers and the Penguins.  I¿m proof that it works for professional motocross.¿

Details of the mini-camp:

When:                         Saturday, July 23rd  
                                    12:00p ¿ 4:30p

Where:                        UPMC Sports Medicine Complex
                                    Center for Sports Medicine
                                    3200 South Water Street
                                    Pittsburgh, PA    15203

Skill Levels:               All riding skill levels welcome; participants must be 11-years of age or older to enroll

Attire:                         Participants should come dressed in workout gear, as this is a hands-on camp

Refreshments:           Light refreshments will be provided

Cost:                           $50 per person; a major credit card is required to reserve a spot
                                    Additional training aids will also be offered for purchase

To Enroll:                   Call 412-432-3720
                     &               Attendance is limited!

Curriculum & Instructors:  

Injury Prevention & Management – Brian F. Hagen, MS, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT
Training Techniques  – Ron De Angelo, M.Ed., L/ATC, CSCS
Nutrition  – Leslie J. Bonci, M.P.H., R.D.
Concussion Management  – Michael (Micky) Collins, Ph.D
Mental Training  – Aimee C. Kimball, Ph.D.

About The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine

The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine, located within the UPMC Sports Performance Complex on Pittsburgh¿s South Side, employs the region¿s largest staff of certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians who attend to the daily sports medicine needs of athletes at 42 local high schools, 10 local colleges, the Pittsburgh Panthers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as professional dancers in the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. In addition to professional, elite, scholastic and amateur athletes, the center¿s staff also treats many non-athletes who have musculoskeletal injuries related to physical activity.  For more information, log on to The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine¿s website at www.sportsmedicine.upmc.com

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