USA pulls out of MXdN

It has been confirmed that Team USA, consisting of Ricky Carmichael, Kevin Windham and Mike Brown will not attend the Motocross des Nations in Namur, Belgium.

The decision was made Thursday by the AMA and the riders. It is in their best interest not to attend the MXdN at the end of this month. With all that has happened this week, the team feels that it’s not worth the risk. It’s possible that the team could be stuck in Belgium if another attack occurs while they are in Europe. If this would happen, they might not be able to return home for a while. It is also possible that the team could become a vulnerable target at the race.

Pro Circuit’s Jim Perry told us that “We were all ready to go, and I think everyone else was in the same boat. The AMA talked to the riders, and they all thought that it was too risky right now.”

Chuck Miller at Honda stated that the decision was left up to the riders. “In light of the events that have happened this week, we were behind the riders 100-percent. Whatever they wanted to do, it was all right with us. Due to the uncertainty of the future, or a response attack from the US, we were uncomfortable about being in Europe in a few weeks. I don’t think we would be targets, but we couldn’t give 110-percent. Roger DeCoster and Cliff White have each been to several Motocross des Nations, and they know what it takes to win. Everyone needs to be relaxed and do well. Right now, it would be difficult to feel at ease. We didn’t want to get over there and not have a full team or get into a bad situation. The riders made the decision, and we were behind them. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to go again. I heard that they might not even run the race anyway, but that’s just hearsay.”

This is a bummer for motocross fans, but it is definitely a wise decision for the safety of the team. Our hearts and prayers go out to those innocent lives that were lost in the horrific attacks on America this week. God bless!