UTAH – Big Air County

Reaching For the Skies on the Ultimate Utah Road Trip

The loud, constant rumbling of our Ford diesel engine had finally fallen silent after nearly 15 hours of straight driving from Southern California. Though it was the dead of night when we arrived at a few minutes past the first hour of Friday morning, the bright and starry sky above was all we needed for confirmation that the mind-numbing drive to Utah would not be in vain.

The entire Caineville road trip was born a few months prior, when an assortment of Reno FMX pros decided that they were spending way too many weekends inside the confines of stadiums and parking lots, hitting metal ramps for the pleasure of everyone but them. The whole crew was past due for a fun weekend of riding, filming and jumping off of everything and anything they pleased in the Utah backcountry.

After the idea was conceptualized and the dates were set, FMX message boards everywhere lit up like burning race gas with threads regarding the freeride trip. Invitations were not exclusive nor limited, and it was clear from the start that anyone willing to make the drive was welcome to crash the party. Without adequate room to name all of the heavy hitters who showed up, here’s a few who committed to the trip: Drake McElroy, Matt Buyten, Dustin Miller, Derek Burlew, Myles Richmond, Ronnie Renner, Brian Foster, Mike Mason, local ruler Sean Nielson, the Bell brothers, Dustin Nowak and Tim O’Brien were just some of the names on the list.

With such a gigantic posse of friends, a beautiful campsite complete with a raging bonfire and enough collective alcohol to stock a bar and nothing to do but ride and party, I went to Utah thinking that this road trip feature would be chockfull of wild tales and maniacal misadventures. After waking up to bluebird skies every morning, though, it became clear from day one that the picture-perfect terrain surrounding us for as far as the eye could see was much more enticing than staying up all hours of the night, partying with a bunch of guys in the middle of nowhere. Believe it or not, our crew of FMXers was up getting dressed each morning not too long past dawn, and sawing logs most nights before midnight. We hate to have to report it, but all that went on was riding; insane riding, all day long. By nightfall, everyone was ready to eat a good meal and pass out in the warmth of the motorhome in preparation to do the exact same thing the next day.

So with that said, rather than blabbering on about shenanigans that never really even happened, we decided to instead let our long weekend in Utah speak through the lenses of our cameras. The following twelve pages are but a glimpse of the shredding that went on during only two days in Caineville. Our only regret is that there is nowhere near enough room in the magazine to show you all of the jumps and spots that our crew sessioned, but we’re sure you’ll get an idea of just how good it was by the end.