Vanilla Ice / Davi Millsaps / John Dowd / Jason Weigandt on DMXS Tonight!

If you miss a week in this sport, it will pass you by like RC in open practice. So much has happened since our Loretta Lynn¿s coverage and missing last week put us further behind. Our good friend Travis Pastrana invited us up to his house for filming on the next Nitro installment and of course mayhem ensued. Look for our video teaser in the next day or two which will highlight a few of the antics from the full day shoot. The one thing that has not changed all that much is the plight of James Stewart. The quick sand of bad fortune seems to have its grip a few weeks more as another crash sidelined him for the Millville round. It would appear the harder he tries, the deeper he sinks in this funk. I for one am still a big fan, so if you want to bash him any further, spit your piss walking. Enough is enough.

Vanilla Ice threw down at Loretta Lynn¿s on the stage and on the track. Vanilla was on the TODAY show this morning plugging his concert tour and will make some time for us. He said he will call in after he gets a tattoo tonight so it should be a cool interview. Team Suzuki could not be more pleased with their premiere class effort this year with Decoster and RC on the point. Unfortunately, that sentiment is not shared with the tiddler class as Hepler and Millsaps have both had their share of drama outdoors. While Suzuki had a few opportunities to shine outdoors in both classes, the celebration had been few and far between. Adding to the storyline were rumblings about the bikes and unhappy riders. The Silly Season Chronicle had Davi Millsaps on the cover several weeks ago with all factory colors under his ass. After the bidding and dust settled, the once omnipotent Honda signed the young Georgian in hopes of reviving its championship quest. We will catch up will Davi tonight for a recap on 05 as he looks toward 06. John Dowd is a hero! That statement resonates throughout our sport as the revered rider continues to impress and write the final chapters to his own career in his own way. RC stepped up to show the respect due and sponsored John last week during his farewell tour. The fans of the sport who know what heros are made used that spark of generosity and began their own altruistic effort on Motonews. The support was overwhelming, and it defined in a way what the Junkyard Dog has meant to the fans. We welcome JD back on the show to put him right where he hates to be, the limelight. Jason Weigandt is under investigation by the government for possible cloning violations. One unnamed source high in the FDA was quoted as saying, “How can Jason Weigandt be in so many places, covering so many events, and maintain his well-earned reputation as a lady¿s man?” How indeed. I questioned several times at Loretta¿s when he would display multiple hair styles within the same day. No matter how many of them are out there, they are all talented and one of them will be on tonight. I just hope it¿s the one that was covering Millville. 

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