Vehicle Systems Introduces the Tailgate Latch Bar

Creates clearance to put motorcycles into standard truck beds parallel, not sideways
No tools or modifications required

Tailgate Latch Bars"¢, by Vehicle Systems"¢, hold truck tailgates at a 30º angle, creating clearance for motorcycles to be put in parallel to the bed, rather than sideways. With bikes in straight, two fit and visibility out the rear window is less compromised. Tailgate is held in place so toolboxes, gas cans and gear bags won’t slide out (although they should still be secured).

With a suggested retail price of $49.95 (set), Tailgate Latch Bars are simple, low cost alternatives to expensive bed extenders.

Patent pending Tailgate Latch Bars are made in USA by Vehicle Systems. They are machined from 6063-T651 alloy and anodized for a durable finish. Existing hardware is used to mount—No tools or adjustments required.

Tailgate Latch Bars are available for standard bed Chevy / GM, Dodge and Ford trucks, as well as Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra.

For more information in the Tailgate Latch Bar or other Vehicle Systems products visit our website at

Retailers and distributors interested in adding Tailgate Latch Bars to their line should contact Vehicle Systems at 510.482.7563.

Tailgate Latch Bars at a Glance

  • Holds tailgate at an angle and provides clearance for motorcycles to be put into truck bed straight
  • Lets you fit two bikes into a standard pickup bed
  • Tailgate remains at an upright angle, so bed cargo can’t slide out
  • Installs and removes in less than 30 seconds
  • No tools or modifications required
  • Fits easily inside any tool box
  • A simple, low cost alternative to expensive bed extenders
  • MSRP $49.95 per set