Velocity ’06 Projected Release in January 2007

Orange, CT – 12.20.06 – The highly anticipated Northeastern motocross documentary “Velocity ’06” is in the final stages of production. The only video of its kind, Velocity ’06 is a Northeast based documentary film that covers the biggest events that the Northeastern part of the country has to offer. This includes the New England Regional Championships, the Marshfield Fair SX, the TWMX Master’s of Mini pit bike series, and the Kawasaki Race of Champions. Not to mention it also covers numerous regional and local events like NESC, District 34, and Milford Riders.

With an all-star lineup of Tony Lorusso, Robby Marshall, Billy Ainsworth, Chris Pugrab, Matt Fisk, and Ryan Desrosiers (Plus many extras like Mike Pugrab, Craig Dube, announcer Randy Simpson, Justin Barcia, Kyle Chisholm, Phil Nicoletti, and John Dowd), this is No Fear’s “The Great Outdoors: The Constant War” meets Alpinestars’ “The Beginning” with a flair all its own.

Touted as a must-see film, this is sure to be a great hit and the must-buy motocross DVD of 2006. Such franchises as Mototown USA have been flooded with requests of when the film is going to be available.

(Velocity ’06 Trailer:

At this time RS Films, LLC. is still in search of last minute sponsors for the film to cover the high costs of music licensing, duplication, and distribution. If you are an industry or an outside-of-the-industry company, or if you are a media member and you are interested in “Velocity ’06” the only way for you to get an accurate response to your requests is to get in touch directly with RS Films, LLC. owner Robb Swiatek.

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