VHT Introduces Very High Temperature Clear Brake Caliper Paint

Scottsdale, AZ (June 1, 2004) PJH BRANDS is proud to announce an extension of its fastest growing category of VHT Brand products. 

¿Gloss Clear Brake Enamel makes its debut as a response to overwhelming customer demand,¿ said PJ Harvey, CEO of PJH BRANDS.  ¿This coating is durable enough to withstand the brake dust and road debris without chipping.¿


Like the rest of the Brake Caliper category, Clear will resist chemicals and withstand the temperature extremes compatible with high performance braking systems.

When applied to bare calipers, VHT Gloss Clear Brake paint retains the factory fresh metal look, protects against the elements, and makes brake cleaning easier.  Additionally, Gloss Clear Brake Caliper paint is a perfect overcoat to your favorite brake caliper color. Like the rest of the paints in the VHT brake paint category, it is ideal for rotors and drums too.

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Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint

June 1, 2004

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