Victims of Hurricane Katrina Need Your Help

Pro Circuit¿s hearts go out to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina

CORONA, Calif., (September 9, 2005) ¿ Here at Pro Circuit, we have spent numerous hours glued to our TV screens, watching in horror as Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.  Now, having lost one of our greatest cities along with untold numbers of lives, it is time to recover and rebuild.  Our thoughts are with those struggling in the aftermath of this disaster. 

And we cannot just sit and watch anymore. 

In the spirit of America and Motocross des Nations newly chosen rider Ivan Tedesco, Pro Circuit and N-Style decided to offer a Limited Edition Team MXdN Graphic and Seat Cover Kit for the Kawasaki KLX110 and KX65.  All proceeds will be donated to the AmericanRed Cross.  By making a financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross will be able to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.    

For details please call Pro Circuit direct at 951.738.8050 or check  Please make your contribution to support Americans in need now.

Your Friends at Pro Circuit.