Video Preview: 2 Laps 2 Go

With 45 minutes to go before the premiere of 2 Laps 2 Go, Troy Lee was pacing nervously in front of Oakley’s headquarters. Of course, the driver who was delivering the only available copy of the movie was stuck in L.A. traffic, and was having trouble with directions.

Inside Oakley’s lobby, around 500 moto nuts, including luminaries like Roger DeCoster and Malcolm Smith, were enjoying a Red Bull-sponsored pre-party.  The film they were all awaiting, 2 Laps 2 Go, covers the TLD Supermoto Team’s efforts during the ’04 season.

Troy has always been a big fan of Supermoto, both for the fun it affords while riding, and portability of the events, which can be run nearly anywhere, including urban areas like downtown Long Beach and Reno.

The good news is, the movie arrived in time, and before filing into Oakley’s in-house theater for the screening, Troy mentioned, “I’m really psyched on the movie and how it turned out, though a couple days ago I started second-quessing everything.” So Troy and some friends did the only sensible thing¿they went riding.

As for the movie itself, it’s a feature-length film that runs through all the personalities that make up the TLD Supermoto crew, from mechanics and coach drivers, to Troy and the team riders. It features racing from the ’04 season, including all the highs and lows. Everything from a disastrous intro at the Summer X Games, through bike problems and injuries, to race wins and Wardy’s Championship-clinching win (via one very sweet pass) in Las Vegas. It also profiles Troy, as well as Chris Fillmore, Jeff Ward, and Doug Henry.

So how is the movie? Personally, I momentarily dozed off during the last edition of Star Wars, but didn’t suffer the same problem during, 2 Laps 2 Go, which features enough action to interest even mildly interested Supermoto fans. Overall, we’d have to say it’s at its best when profiling the riders, particularly Wardy and Henry. The old school footage of each rider is cool, including vintage (and costly) coverage from the original Supermoto event, the old ABC Superbikers race at Carlsbad, where a much younger Ward showed that he was already adept at backing his KX500 into corners. And of course, anyone who’s familiar with Doug Henry’s career will still cringe at his whiskey throttle launch at Budds Creek.

Afterward, when quizzed about his challenges during the season, Wardy said, “It was a tough year, but the tracks are getting better, and they don’t have those tires any more where you catch your ankles as you’re going by. We’re doing like 70, yet those tires (that mark the course) are staked to the ground. When your toe catches it, it rips it off the bike. It’s like sticking your foot out of your car when you’re on the freeway and hitting a tire. It doesn’t move. During the season I hurt both ankles, and popped out both knees and had to get shots to be able to race. They didn’t show as much as they should have, but with the other stuff there was probably too much cussing involved. It was bad, so I told them, ‘Man, if you don’t change these things, I can’t race any more.’ But they fixed the courses, it should be a little safer, and I should be able to do this a lot longer.”

Troy is bringing back the team for ’05, though Doug Henry has since rejoined Team Yamaha. Wardy said, “We had our first race two weeks ago and I got fourth. We had some bike problems, and it also rained, and we’d never run in the rain before, so that made it a little interesting. So we’re running strong. We were the second fastest qualifier. Thierry Van Den Bosch, the World Champion from Europe, was quickest. But we’re getting ready for the X Games. That’s coming up in like a month-and-a-half.”

“It was good that Troy was able to make this film and document the season. It’s just a good documentary on what Supermoto’s all about. I think people have seen little bits of it, but itt’s really cool to see a lot more of what goes on. So hopefully it helps people understand a little more about what Supermoto’s all about. That’s the goal.”

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