PRICE: $24.95

//WHAT IT IS: In Crossing the Line, Destroyer Films takes you inside the 2008 Canadian Motocross Nationals round by round with race footage, rider commentary, and the quality videography Destroyer is know for.

//HITS: The race footage is amazing. The tracks in Canada are gnarly, and it was great to get a first-hand look at how the riders negotiate a Northern-style track. Almost all of the footage is live-action; very little slow motion was utilized, and though we love slo-mo, the constant full-speed kept the pace of the video up. The rider commentary broke up the race footage enough that the video's flow was not choppy. The b-roll, or supplemental footage, also helped break up the action footage, but was used sparingly. Some cool dolly-pans and pit footage really tied everything together.

//MISSES: Although the video was visually stimulating, we found it lacking a bit informatively. Since we are so focused on American motocross, some of the names and numbers are a bit hazy for us. We would have liked to see more breakdown of results or more explicit updates of where the top riders stood from round to round. Basically, we felt the rivalries could have been dramatized to enhance the experience.

//THE VERDICT: Whether or not you follow Canadian motocross, you will definitely enjoy the racing. The guys are fast and the tracks are gnarly. Besides, we hear you can get a free subscription to TransWorld Motocross with every purchase.