Villopodium / Randy Lawrence / Travis Preston / MSR Dave / WWR Tonight on DMXS

I want to thank Jason Weigandt for basically writing my opening paragraph this week. If you are not familiar with Weege’s daily take on our sport, you are missing out. Check out his Dallas and Reed review from last weekend. I pretty much thought the same thing but he is much more betterer with the words.

The other huge story from the weekend is the championship battle in the Lites class going down to the last round. Shorty made up two more precious points on Grant but we have pretty much seen it all this year so CBS picked a great race to televise in Seattle for the finale. The young Pro-Circuit prodigy helped his teammate by finishing ahead of Short for his first ever SX win. Villopoto has set the bar pretty high for any rookies coming in for the next several years and we will catch up with “Villipodium” tonight. Randy Lawrence has been around our sport for 15 years and continues to influence the riders of today by serving as the trainer for Wey and Villopoto. Both his riders made the podium in Dallas so his years of experience are paying off. We are pleased to welcome Randy back to the show and check out his perspective on the year so far. Travis Preston is a man of few words but is still one of the most colorful personalities in the pits. It’s been a while since we had Travis on so I thought it was about time to catch up with our old friend before the grind of the outdoors starts. Dave Casella, or his better known alias “MSR Dave,” handles the marketing duties for MSR gear. Did you know that MSR stands for Malcolm Smith Racing named for the motorcycling pioneer after he started the company in 1971? That is some good MX pedigree to be associated with. We will see what Dave’s been up to and if MSR has any goodies in the pipeline.

WWR welcomes on Jiri Dostal as the Most Improved Privateer from Dallas as well as the Team Manager for SoCal Racing, Darrell Saldana. Check out for information on the auctions and their raffle. Power to the Privateers!
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