Vuillemin goes down!

Dave Vuillemin crashed hard last Saturday morning right in front of our Editor Donn Maeda’s Canon. The Cobra was going off for our often copied but never duplicated “Scan” section of TransWorld Motocross magazine.

On his third jump, something went wrong and David was bucked off his bike! The Cobra was upside down looking like he was doing a “kiss of death” but with his hands still on the bars. As Maeda ran at full speed to be by David’s side, he found him unconscious with his bike at full throttle. When David came to he did not remember much.

David did not visit the hospital that afternoon, though he reported to have a good headache. During questioning Yamaha’s PR Guru Terry Beal asked him if he lost his memory, David replied, “Yes, but I started remembering things soon after.” Beal then asked if he know that he had a concussion? The Cobra’s reply “Is that what you call it here?”

The photo sequence of The Cobra going down will be in a future issue of TransWorld Motocross magazine. Until then here is a shot of him from that shoot.


The Cobra is in Florida this week at Tim Ferry’s house getting used to that nice humid climate. Vuillemin will be on the gate this weekend in Daytona as he tries to keep the defending champ Ricky Carmichael from gaining ground on him.