Vuillemin re-ups with Sidi boots and goes S.F.L!!!!

Our buddy Dave is having quite a summer…his comeback from the Daytona crash is going well, he just got a new car, he will be a daddy in August and he just re-signed with Factory Yamaha for a couple more years…but that aint nothin’!

Now the big news….David Vuillemin recently met with Sidi’s management team at one of the high-class restaurants in refreshingly brisk Temecula, California, “Friday’s” to conclude negotiations that will effectively make him S.F.L.

What the hell is S.F.L. you are probably asking yourself?….come on now, more and more riders are becoming S.F.L. each year….year should know this…

David Vuillemin is now one of those riders. He does not want to wear what many other riders wear, he does want to wear the markets more supportive and protective boot (The Sidi Force) and he wants to work with a manufacture that he knows and trusts that will support him…that’s why David Vuillemin is S.F.L., “Sidi for Life”!