Vuillemin Spins Fastest Lap Times at Arnhem Practice Session

ARNHEM, Holland (December 12, 2002) ¿ Clear Channel Entertainment¿s Motor Sports division announces the lap times from THQ World Supercross GP presented by UFO Plast at the Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland.

Practice Session 1

Chad Reed, 55.279
David Vuillemin, 55.922
Mike LaRocco, 56.310
Sebastien Tortelli, 56.903
Jeremy McGrath, 56.957
Joaquim Rodrigues, 57.132
Keith Johnson, 57.341
Robbie Skaggs, 57.716
Damon Huffman, 57.854
Manuel Rivas, 57.911
Grant Langston, 57.912
Andrew Short, 57.922
Joe Oehloff, 57.951
Ryan Clark, 57.953
Heath Voss, 58.016
Erick Vallejo, 58.061
Kyle Lewis, 58.304
Steve Boniface, 58.548
Tiger Lacey, 59.782
James Polvolny Jr., 59.920
Ted Campbell, 1:00.088
Jeremy Israel, 1:01.668
Pierrick Paget, 1:02.029
Jean Sebastien Roy, 1:02.346
Brian Mason, 1:02.477
Barry Carsten, 1:04.056
Erwin Robins, 1:27.371

Practice Session 2

David Vuillemin, 55.632
Grant Langston, 55.718
Chad Reed, 56.079
Mike LaRocco, 56.093
Sebastien Tortelli, 56.125
Jeremy McGrath, 56.566
Keith Johnson, 57.500
Heath Voss, 57.592
Ryan Clark, 57.777
Kyle Lewis, 57.794
Damon Huffman, 57.865
Steve Boniface, 57.953
Andrew Short, 58.112
Manuel Rivas, 58.133
Erick Vallejo, 58.132
Joe Oehloff, 58.434
Joaquim Rodrigues, 58.807
Jean Sebastien-Roy, 59.347
James Polvolny Jr., 59.760
Ted Campbell, 59.917
Pierrick Paget, 1:00.036
Jeremy Israel: 1:00.722
Barry Carsten, 1:01.659
Brian Mason, 1:02.648
Tiger Lacey, 3:02.095

Practice Session 3

David Vuillemin, 55.069
Grant Langston, 55.193
Mike LaRocco, 55.242
Chad Reed, 55.548
Jeremy McGrath, 56.507
Sebastien Tortelli, 56.764
Joaquim Rodrigues, 57.162
Keith Johnson, 57.385
Ryan Clark, 57.553
Heath Voss, 57.773
Andrew Short, 58.289
Jean Sebastien-Roy, 58. 294
Steve Boniface, 58.303
Manuel Rivas, 59.214
Ted Campbell, 59.303
Erick Vallejo, 59.522
Pierrick Paget, 59.779
Tiger Lacey, 59.907
Joe Oehloff, 1:00.144
Brian Mason, 1:02.288

Riders not listed did not practice.

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About THQ World Supercross GP and AMA Supercross Series

THQ World Supercross GP is a 17-round global series that is produced and promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment and Dorna Off Road S.L. Riders must compete in the international rounds to be eligible to win the world championship. In 2002-2003, the 17-event THQ World Supercross GP will be comprised of two international events in Geneva, Switzerland and Arnhem, Holland, and 15 of the 16 events that are conducted in major markets throughout the United States as a part of the AMA Supercross Series. The other AMA Supercross Series event held in Daytona Beach, Fla., is independently produced by the International Speedway Corporation, and is not a part of the THQ World Supercross GP. An AMA Supercross Series rider will be crowned for the series of events conducted in the United States only.  

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