Vuillemin to Fly?

TransWorld Motocross spoke to Allen Picard, head cheese at Fly Racing, about the rumor that French rider would be wearing Fly gear in the future.

“It’s true,” said Picard. “We have a verbal agreement that David will be wearing our gear for the next two years.”

With riders like Tim Ferry, Branden Jesseman, and Danny Smith already endorsing Fly Racing products, adding a superstar like David Vuillemin definitely puts another notch in your belt.

This aparently, will end the relationship between Vuillemin and Oxbow, his current gear sponsor for the 2002 season.

Vuillemin was unavailable for comment, as he is back in his home country of France. David is there on the mend after his crash last week in Troy, Ohio. He should be back to racing in a few weeks.

Picard also told us that there is a possibility of another high-profile rider signing with them, but we were sworn to secrecy as to who it is.

Fly Racing, is a division of Western Power Sports, a parts and accessory distributor based in Boise, Idaho.