Vuillemin To Miss Budds Creek


A silver passenger car sped past the TransWorld Motocross Ford Ranger Egde on the freeway today, and inside it was a waving and smiling David Vuillemin. As the vehicle dissapeared into the horizon, we dialed up the Cobra to see what the big hurry was.

“I have to go the the bathroom!” said Vuillemin.

After sharing a chuckle or two, we asked if he was okay. At Southwick this weekend, the Cobra pulled off in the first moto and sat out the second race all together.

“I twisted my ankle during the first moto last month at Hangtown,” he said. “And ever since then, it has gotten worse and worse. It’s actually a very bad sprain, and at Southwick the pain was unbearable.”

This week, Vuillemin will head back to France for the third time this season to have his personal physician treat him – the first was when he dislocated his knee in between Anaheim 1 and San Diego, and the second was after the now-famous photo shoot crash.

“I am going to France for two weeks,” said DV, “I will miss Budds Creek, but I hope to be back and 100% ready to race at the next race at Red Bud.”

Here’s hoping that David will return to his normal speedy pace, come round six at Red Bud Track N’ Trail.