Weapon MX Accepting Sponsorship Resumes

WeaponMX has had great results with the new G-Zero gas tank foam. Since G-Zero’s introduction it has helped Jeff Ward win X-Games Gold, receive 9 out of 10 from TransworldMX and CycleNews says “G-Zero gives more stability and control in the handling.” Riders are claiming you can spend $1000 bucks on exhaust, motor work or suspension. So they say for $50 you can drop your lap times just as much. Donn Maeda has commented to us that everyone should have this. Weapon MX is also proud sponsors of Ryan Clarke and Team Bloodshot Tyler Evans. Also, the manufacture’s of Billet Radiator braces, skid plates, and engine guards.

WeaponMX is now accepting ’07 sponsorships thru MXSponsor.com!

How to Submit a Resume to Weapon MX:
To submit a sponsorship resume to WeaponMX, racers can go to www.MXSponsor.com, build their online profile, upload action photos, race results, write a cover letter and then submit their resumes all for free.

How MXSponsor.com Works:
www.MXSponsor.com works for all racers of all age levels that are looking to get sponsored. Forget paying up-front fees to submit a resume. Riders build their online profile, upload action photos, race results and write a cover letter and then submit to as many companies as they wish all for free. Riders then receive responses, deals, and offers, and can choose to pay a one time $50 for the year to sign unlimited contracts with no obligation. MXSponsor.com is the free choice for riders to see if they got what it takes.

MXSponsor.com’s platform is free to companies looking to process resumes online or to find thousands of new potential riders. MXSponsor.com works for any company of any size and accounts can be setup within one business day. No fees, no contracts, no drama.

About MXSponsor.com
MXsponsor.com is the only website exclusively dedicated to the motocross sponsorship industry. Launched in August of 2005 by Rich Maychrich, a 250 Expert racer in the AMA District 6 region, MXSponsor.com has thousands of core motocross racers and has processed over 20,000 sponsorships opportunities and signed over 10,000 deals. MXSponsor.com is the only sponsorship website that gives riders unlimited access to features and companies for free.