“How Was Your Weekend?” | 2014 Arlington SX

After the racing inside AT&T Stadium for round seven of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross series wrapped up, we hit the pits and asked the racers just how the night played out. Hear from James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Adam Cianciarulo, Justin Barcia, Broc Tickle, Justin Bogle, Josh Hill, Justin Brayton and more…

Although “How Was Your Weekend?” is a video feature, technical difficulties forced us to change the format for this week’s post. Instead, we have transcribed each interview and posted them below.

James Stewart
1st Place | 450 SX

Weekend was good. I felt good all throughout practice, but wasn't that good in the heat race and made a few changes on the bike; I had the handlebars too far forward. In the main event, I got a good start and did what I have been doing all year, just riding solid and putting my laps in. And it worked out. I was able to get around Ryan on lap three or four and got a good pace going. I enjoy racing him; it's always clean in a sense, because we are not trying to do anything dirty to each other when we are battling.

Ryan Dungey
2nd Place | 450 SX

Weekend here was good. We hadn't been on the podium for a couple of weeks, with some ups and downs, but we did what we had to do. We got the holeshot, and that was awesome and kind of fought it a little bit. James had a couple of faster lines and got by, but then I picked up on his lines and stayed the same distance back, about two seconds. I wanted to get up on him and did get close one time, but lappers around us fumbled that up. But it was good to get second on the night. We will build on this and get on to Atlanta.

Justin Barcia
3rd Place | 450 SX

Weekend was pretty good. My heat race was really good, I pushed through the pack and got really close to the leader. The main event was okay. I mean, it's definitely great to be up on the podium, but I rode a little tight and could have rode better. But it feels great to be up there and head in the right direction. The track was a pretty one-lined and slick, so it was challenging. I liked the track, but it was tough to race on.

Justin Brayton
5th Place | 450 SX

Tonight went okay, I ended up fifth and it is good to be back in the mix after last weekend when I went down in the second lap. I am back in the top five, but I feel like I let one get away, I needed to be on the podium tonight. I made one little mistake and jumped off the track on the finish and it cost me three spots, but I ended up getting Kenny back and into fifth. I'm looking forward to the East Coast swing and getting back home to Charlotte, to a familiar territory.

This is the seventh round and the seventh time I have done it, so I for sure believe that I need to be up there beating those guys and racing with them. I need to keep getting good starts and put myself in that position and we will get one soon.

Broc Tickle
7th Place | 450 SX

Today was pretty good. Practice started out like it normally does and I enjoyed the track, but tonight was a good rebound for me after my crashes at A2 and Oakland. I feel like I am back where I need to be, but still have to keep making improvements and moving further up. I rode in seventh the whole race by myself, so the next goal is to get up in the mix with those guys. They have kind of separated themselves from myself and other riders, so I need to find a way to get up there with them.

Josh Hill
9th Place | 450 SX

It was a rough day, but all in all, it was a good day. I was seventh fastest in practice, which was the closest to the front that I have been all year. I was getting a little greedy and tried to lower that time in practice and had a little crash, and laid right on my right side. It was a rough night, but okay. I felt out of breath after about halfway, and every time I would land it felt like someone was punching me in the chest and Wil ended up getting me. Ninth place is not what I want, but it's nothing to shake a stick at.

Ivan Tedesco
12th | 450 SX

Tonight was a little rough for me. Practice went a little better than they have been, but in the races I couldn't get the starts. On this track, position was so important. I had to ride every race, even the LCQ, and in the main it was the same deal. I didn't get a great start, but I caught up to 12th. The class is so stacked with so many good guys, so I just need to keep working at it and work on my speed.

Nick Wey
14th Place | 450 SX

My weekend I'm honestly not that pumped on, but I can't thank Big Nasty and Mohead enough for getting the crew ready and the whole Mafia crew for having my back. This is a big hometown race for MSR and Tucker Rocky, who have been longtime sponsors for me, and I would have loved to have a better showing. But honestly, I wasn't super-amped on the track and I didn't get good starts all day; behind the gate was like Play-Doh and weird, so I tried different techniques and finally got a good one in the Last Chance, so I crusied it home. I was a little nervous, because those aren't one of the races you want to be in. In the main, I was way on the outside and there was no chance of getting a good start, so I locked in and did some good laps. But the race was short, and I'm looking forward to next weekend in Atlanta, where the track is a little better. I just need to get a better start, because that would have helped. We were 14th tonight, but need to be in the top ten. We aren't stoked, but are going to keep pushing hard during the week to get there.

Adam Cianciarulo
1st Place | 250 SX

This was really good. All day went really well from qualifying practice on, I was riding my laps and doing my thing, and I qualified behind Martin Davalos both times. In the heat race, I got a great start and almost hit the gate actually, which totally screwed Jeremy Martin and I hope he doesn't think that I was trying to fake him out. I pulled back and got the start, but I was riding a little shaky in the heat race and wasn't pumped on it.

I got the holeshot in the main event and Martin passed me. He was inching away and then made that mistake, and I got by. Blake hounded me the whole time and we went back and forth until lap eight or nine, I got back by. I wanted it so bad, I sprinted basically until the last lap and cruised it in. It feels amazing.

Vince Friese
4th Place | 250 SX

Tonight was pretty good, all in all. Today was a little rough and I had a crash in practice, so the team was scrambling and working out of a U-Haul. We lost our trailer this weekend, so this was a rough start to our series, but I am glad I could pull together in the main event. Realistically, I want to be on the podium, but fourth place is a good start. I'll keep working and making improvements so hopefully we can get on the box.

Justin Bogle
5th Place | 250 SX

It was alright. I'm still in the title chase, which is all that matters to me, and I'm in the top five tonight after the way it started. The heat race was extremely embarrassing, pathetic. I needed the LCQ to get some track time, and I had some fun and loosened up a bit. In the main, I came from 18th so I rode good and am looking forward to next weekend.

Cole Thompson
6th Place | 250 SX

Tonight was good, my first 250 race on the East. I felt like I could have worked a little further into the top five, but I managed to stay consistent and finished the first one. I definitely want to go back and work a lot harder. I know where I belong, I just have to go out there and get it done.

Matt Bisceglia
19th | 250 SX

It was an up and down night. I didn't get the greatest start in my heat race and was in fifth, then fell down on the second lap and got passed a couple times. I finished up fifth and felt like I rode really good, but just can't do that with the start I got. I watched some races and came down for the main event and unfortunately when I went out for the hot lap, I didn't have a rear brake. I went to practice a start and pushed down on the back brake, and it went all the way down to the stop. I went back to the gate and unfortunately I think it leaked all of the fluid and I didn't have a brake. There is nothing we can do about it but move on to next weekend, and I have to give it up to the whole GEICO Honda team. They are busting their butts. I can't really sit here and dwell on it, because I know I am riding good but just need to put it together.

Gavin Faith
20th Place | 250 SX

Tonight was up and down. The heat race started off pretty good and I finished third in that. In the main I got a pretty good start and was running fifth, and then Martin Davalos and Anthony Rodriguez went down and I went up to third. I was solid there for a while, but I jumped too far out on the track and ran into some blocks. It bent my front rotor, so I didn't have any front brakes, and snapped my clutch my lever off. That was pretty much the end of my night, I ended up with a DNF, but I felt good on the bike and showed a little bit of speed. So now we will move on to Atlanta, where hopefully we can put it together.